In Lawrenceville, you can drink beer and play pool…but only in small groups.

Following in the footsteps of their neighbors in Lilburn, Lawrenceville is considering a proposal that would prevent establishments with more than two pool tables from obtaining a liquor license. Not everyone is happy with the idea:

“It’s like a young man going into a strip club and having no lady there.”

A pause.

Shocked laughter erupted at the Lawrenceville City Council meeting Monday.

Lynda Nguyen used vivid language to describe the damage her business could sustain if the council changed alcohol rules at billiards parlors.

“It’s like chopping off both my legs and my arms,” she told the council.


  1. Federalist says:

    Billiards is not even fun with alcohol! I can understand doing away with karaoke (or however you spell it)…but doing away with billiards and booze…come on.

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