The Chamber Meeting

The Chamber of Commerce was kind enough to invite me to its meeting here in Macon today. Unfortunately, I could not attend. However, my phone has been ringing off the hook today. Speaker Richardson talked about his tax plan this morning. Lt. Governor Cagle apparently was non-committal or luke warm regarding the proposal.

Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) is rumored to be about to go on the road to champion the plan. But, it may present some thorny issues for him and others. I’m hearing that the Association County Commissioners of Georgia is going to come out against the plan and, should it not, that a lot of local elected officials will without it. LIkewise, I would suspect the Chamber of Commerce will stay neutral on the plan.

The other rumor I hear derived from this morning’s meeting is that we may see a competing plan come out of the Senate. The initial reaction from some was that Art. III,


  1. In the loop says:

    ACCG is already against it. They had a big meeting a few weeks ago and got all the local commissioners riled up. GMA is against it too and is scheduling town hall meetings around the state.

  2. How abouts we encourage our Georgia Legislators to properly oversee, staff and manage our existing Departments. Then we can go rigging the tax system to tilt toward the Gold Dome at the expense of the rest of the State.

    The potental to save Tax money by competent Legislative oversight and Taxpyer inupt is here:

  3. jm says:

    DeKalb passed a freeze on property taxes. They will still get more every time a house is sold but not as long as you own your home. Unless of course they raise the millage rate er commit political suicide.

    The school board, however, has a higher millage rate AND still benefits from assessment hikes.

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