1. Chris says:

    But was it inner or outer mongolia?

    I’d make a snarky comment about Macon, but I’m pretty sure I’d do no better if I walked to the middle school up the street.

  2. GodHatesTrash says:

    The really sad thing is that that those ignorant losers vote.

    That and they represent the vast majority of Georgia voters.

  3. Chris,

    Try walking to your neighborhood’s middle school occasionally and get a volunteer ap while you are at it, if you can pass the background check.

    Erick, i think “GHT” is helping “finish off” your once vibrant website and is helping Peach Pundit look bad, real bad.

    It might be time to implement the person behind the curtain act of 2007.

  4. jm says:

    Keeling said he tests incoming college freshmen, and finds that 20 percent to 25 percent of them can’t find America on the map. Again, these are incoming college students.

    I watched the video, I read the story. As an educator I can tell you that there are theories about “multiple intelligences” and that people are strong or weak in certain areas. It does not make them useless or dumb. Their brains just don’t work the ways yours do, and in this case more than the way 80% of us do. So certain tasks for them are hard, but other things are easy.
    We as a society value those things that are taught in school, but they are not a complete indicator of success. I just watched Raging Bull last night. Did DeNiro need to know geography or math to become Jake LaMotta? Is there anything you learned in school that would make you as good as DeNiro in that movie? But I would argue that DeNiro is a gifted actor, and very intelligent. Whether or not he knows where America is on a map would not change that.

  5. jsm says:

    “That and they represent the vast majority of Georgia voters.”

    Another unjustifiable and unfounded pile of nonsense. Nice.

  6. GodHatesTrash says:

    Actually, there is plenty of empirical evidence of Georgia voters’ ignorance. I’m not even talking about the choices they make at the ballot box.

    The United States barely beats many third world countries in educational standards and academic performance in elementary and high schools, and Georgia is invariably in the lower 20% of the states in measures of academic performance. Georgia’s educational system – and the performance of its citizens on standardized tests of academic achievement and intelligence – has always trailed the rest of the country, since looooong before the liberalism you folks hate so much. Sonny thinks it’s great you’ve made it up to 46! That’s not even mediocre performance, it’s shameful.

    I know – facts – these are ‘inconvenient truths’ you red staters can’t handle. You try to blame the gummint for your stoopidity, but you really can’t.

    Part of the problem.

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