Are any of you ASU Grads?

Odds are not in your favor.

In 2004-05, less than 21 percent of students who began six years earlier graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree, which was worse than any public college in Georgia, according to the University System Board of Regents. A third of Augusta State’s students didn’t make it past freshman year.

Six-year graduation rates improved to 23 percent in 2005-06. Of the 657 students who began at Augusta State, 32 percent graduated from any university system institution.

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  1. drjay says:

    i took a few classes at asu–back when it was still augusta college–to finish up a couple of prerequisites for dental school and it did not seem any different than any other local, commuter school that i’ve ever been to-(one year at christopher newport in va, and a couple of summer courses at home in sav’h at armstrong)-lots of kids planning to transfer to uga or tech in a couple of years, some military guys trying to get a degree, and a bunch of folks going back to school as adults — i did not think there was anything particulary special or not special about the place…

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