1. Tommy_a2b says:

    I am starting to wonder about you SpaceyG. First I meet you last night hanging out with all us crazy Fred supporters now you are backing Karen Handle. Maybe there is hope for you yet. Welcome to the dark side. BTW- nice to meet you.

  2. Jmac says:

    While I don’t like Thompson, I think SpaceyG’s right about this.

    Am I moving to dark side too?

    No … wait … I still hate the Glenn Tax. I’m OK.

  3. shep1975 says:


    I think it’s just that the community of Peach Pundit transends political ideology…at least for most of us. We are all one big happy PP family, and we even have a few crazy aunts and uncle in this family that we wish we could lock in the basement. We don’t have to meantion names…those people know who they are.

    SpaceyG rocks! By the way, was my tie on straight in the the interview?

  4. SpaceyG says:

    GHT, Lordy how you crack me up! I’m cranking on that video product now.

    Believe me, no chance of me going too far over to the dark side, ’cause what’s with all the suit and tie action? I’m WAY too beau-heem (that’s southern for bohemian, get it?!) for all that fashion nonsense.

  5. MelGX says:

    Boy, point a camera in their face and they grovel at your feet. Way to turn that frown upside down SpaceyG. Can’t wait to see the video.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Mad Dog,

    I read an article today that cited the CDC claiming they believe dog-borne rabies is extinct in the United States.

    Appparently, they missed you in their canvass of Georgia. 🙂

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