How’s This?

But the last time Ms. Newkirk attacked she said members could do nothing and would not turn out.

More than 500 shareholders packed Cobb County EMC’s annual meeting on Thursday, some looking for answers they didn’t receive about the electrical co-op’s relationship with a for-profit affiliate, Cobb Energy.

In occasionally contentious exchanges with Cobb EMC President and Chief Executive Dwight Brown, who also heads Cobb Energy, members pressed to find out Brown’s annual salary from both entities and more information about the companies’ finances.


  1. BubbaRich says:

    It does sound like a “sweetheart deal” for Brown, who’s making $300,000/year FROM THE NONPROFIT, while he dumps an undisclosed amount of the nonprofit’s money into the for-profit corporation, from which he also draws an undisclosed “salary” (read: kickback?).

    I’m getting glad that, when our Doraville politicians get silly or crooked, it’s mostly penne ante stuff, at least compared to the money Dwight Brown is getting out of this “nonprofit” for himself (and probably other good-ole boys).

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