Plutonium shipments to travel through Georgia.



  1. Chris says:

    I thought we had this massivly expensive cave in New Mexico to store this stuff. Why are we shipping it across the country only to ship is back when that site is finally approved.

    Guberment is dumb.

  2. gatormathis says:

    The headline should read Nuke-ke-ear waste dumped in Georgia. That is what is really happening.

    Unless the radioactive products can be used as fuel, then leave it out yonder where the folks fooling with it have made the money off of it. We don’t need no stinking nuke-ke-ear waste trash stuff chunked into our enviroment just because those folks out there are through with it. Plus, how is it going to be safer sitting on the edge of the ocean, than it is stuck out in the desert in New Mexico or where ever.

    We suffer from enough cancer in this state already without bringing more headaches upon us.

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I think the planned storage facility Chris refers to was at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, not New Mexico.

    And you you can thank Harry Reid and his fellow treehuggers for killing that plan.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Man alive… this discussion thread is the blind leading the blind!

    This isn’t “nuclear waste”. It’s surplus nuclear material that was originally intended for weapons, but never used. The facility at South Carolina has the capability to convert this weapons-grade nuclear material into a more garden-variety form, such that it can be used in a commercial nuclear power plant to generate electricity. It’s being brought here to undergo that conversion process, and then the useful result will be shipped to various power plants.

    The Yucca Mountain proposal isn’t “dead”, it’s just being held up. Sen. Reid’s opposition has ZERO to do with “treehugging”… whether we’re better off using nuclear power or building yet more coal-burning plants is an issue that currently has the environmentalist movement quite divided. Sen. Reid’s opposition is instead a plain old “not in my backyard” kind of deal. I don’t think Buzz Brockway was being a left-wing tree hugger when he posted this story, either… being a bit skittish about nuclear material near your house is something shared by liberals and conservatives alike.

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:


    Yucca may not be dead, but it’s wasn’t supposed to be complete until 2018, and now even that date is ambitious.

    Secondly, if you go to the congressional record and read the floor statements made 6 or 7 years back, you’ll note that there was significant push-back from Dems based upon the alleged “environmental hazards” and yes, you’ll also see evidence of the NIMBY attitude displayed by Reid. You’ll also find that many Dems introduced statements from lefty environmental groups into the record. So while the delay cannot be placed entirely at the dirty feet of the treehuggers, it’s inaccurate to say the enviros have nothing to do with the hold up.

    And I wasn’t accusing Buzz of going granola. Don’t know where that came from.

  6. Holly says:

    It’s good to see the hard work of Gresham Barrett, Joe Wilson, Jim DeMint, Lindsay Graham, Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson, and Charlie Norwood paying off. MOX will be a great asset to the Savannah River Site, and those of us who are affected by SRS (much of Augusta and Aiken County, SC) are excited about the project.

  7. Holly says:

    For the record, we’ve had nuclear waste shipments traveling through the state for years. This was a big deal about ten years ago or so, when they originally started moving the stored materials from SRS away from SRS. Now it’s just coming the opposite way.

    And Spacey, it travels in trucks.

  8. macongop says:

    The material would most likely be shipped by 18 wheeler trucks on the Highways. Its been common practice to ship this way for years. There are specially designed trunks and containers that can be hit by a train at full speed and still not bust the container open. Uranium in used in the Power Plants, Plutonium is a by product of generating power in Nuclear Power plants. There are plants that can use it, but I am pretty sure we do not have any in the USA that do. Plutonium really only has one use to the government and that is in weapons.

  9. nonukesyall says:

    Thanks for all y’all’s interest! After all this is OUR plutonium, paid for by our tax dollars! We should be discussing it and considering it. It is a huge, important issue. As Einstein himself said “To the village square we must carry the facts of atomic energy. From there must come America’s voice.”

    A couple of comments to the thread …

    Far from “garden variety” MOX plutonium fuel is an exotic, experimental nuclear fuel with increased chance of meltdown, and 25 to 50 percent worse health consequences in case of accident.

    The “nation’s reactors” have already passed on MOX … Duke Power was the only utility to bite, and Catawba and McGuire, both near Charlotte, are the destiny of MOX, if indeed any MOX is ever fabricated or shipped.

    As to Yucca Mountain, interestingly, on the day of DOE’s plutonium shipments announcment, a Federal judge ruled that DOE must stop exploratory bore drilling on the dump. The State of Nevada prevailed on the point of the squandering of the state’s scarce water sources. Please forgive me … this may make the Yucca Mountain dump “dead in the water”!

    This is the press release sent out by Nuclear Watch South (of which I am coordinator Glenn Carroll) in response to DOE’s announcement. It contains the rest of the points I would like to add to the thread.

    Contact: Glenn Carroll, Nuclear Watch South, 404-378-4263,
    [email protected]


    DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) announced its plans to dump the nation’s
    weapons-grade “junk” plutonium on South Carolina today. An undisclosed
    amount, estimated at several tons of plutonium (posing a genuine security
    threat as only 15 pounds can be fashioned into a nuclear bomb with plans
    downloadable from the internet), would be shipped from Hanford in Washington
    State, Lawrence Livermore Lab near San Francisco, and Los Alamos near
    Albuquerque, NM to Savannah River Site weapons complex near Augusta, GA.

    Nuclear Watch South acknowledges the urgent need to provide security for
    plutonium. We oppose MOX manufacturing and support plutonium immobilization.
    We recognize the unique infrastructure of Savannah River Site and abilities
    of its workforce to perform the mission of plutonium disposition via
    immobilization. We oppose shipping the plutonium until DOE has reconciled
    the conflicts in its internal vision and created a solid plan for plutonium

    Nuclear Watch South opposes DOE’s current consolidation plan for several

  10. MSBassSinger says:

    I worked in the nuclear industry several years ago and graduated from the Navy’s Nuclear Power school.

    If you are worried about transport through the state, you are majoring on the minors. This isn’t raw plutonium that can spill in the open if the truck wrecks. Plutonium 238 (Pu238) is used in radioisotope thermoelectric generators and a few pacemakers, and has a half-life of about 88 years. Pu239 is the weapons- grade isotope that has a half life of over 66,000 years.

    I think I’d be more worried about the thousands and thousands of illegals that are trucked into our state a lot more than some securely sealed canisters passing through. It’s like Yankees – just let them keep going.

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