Linnenkohl to retire.

State GOT chief to step down:

As the state transportation commissioner, Linnenkohl is one of the most powerful officials in Georgia government.

On Wednesday, though, after four turbulent years in that role, Linnenkohl announced he is retiring, effective Nov. 30.

“Next to the governor, the commissioner is probably the next most powerful position in the state


  1. Icarus says:


    Everything we need to know about roundabouts, we learned from Chevy Chase in European Vacation:

    “Big Ben Kids, Parliament”

    “I Can’t Get Left.”

    “Big Ben Kids, Parliament”

  2. Trackboy1 says:

    Please, please hire someone from outside the state. GDOT is more incestuous than a West Virginia…well nevermind. GDOT needs fresh blood and a whole lot of turnover.

    Linnenkohl lost all credibility when he feigned indignity about the baseball team bus crash with his infamous “the ramp met the mininum federal satndards”.

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