1. rugby_fan says:

    So John;

    It seems to me that surrender is the only option available to ending warfare.

    Any sensible war strategy says: we will withdraw at after certain things are achieved or we will know when to say enough is enough.

    Just asking, how do you know what will be in General Patraeus’ report?

  2. Decaturguy says:

    John Douglas,

    It just makes you sick that you will never be in the U.S. Congress, doesn’t it?

    Your unseemly partisan rhetoric fails to recognize that now many, if not most, Republican lawmakers are calling for what you consider “defeat and retreat,” as well.

    When does this war end Senator Douglas? It’s easy to play partisan politics like you are doing, but very difficult to actually our heroic men and women out of harms way and back to their families where they belong.

  3. If your idea of stampede is should a bunch of recycled rhetoric that over 70% of the American public rejects and even a majority of Georgians reject then…it’s never felt so good to get trampled!

  4. jm says:

    John Douglas: there was a report card. A bipartisan report card. Three out of 18, ok, I’ll give you the administrations view of it: 7 out of 18 political benchmarks were met. In other words, failure. Iraq, as we all should be able to agree, cannot be won through military force. If that were true, the job would be done. It can only be won through political forces – Iraqi political forces, not an imposed government. Petraus can come in with whatever military report and Bush can say that that is the report that matters. The reality is the GAO report is measuring the benchmarks for a stable Iraq; benchmarks that need to be met by the Iraqi government. They aren’t being met, and so our guys are out there in the heat, in the sand, getting blown up by IED’s, and trying to defend something that isn’t being supported by the very people that are supposed to be in charge when we eventually walk away. Its not called surrender, its not called retreat. Its called walking away when walking away makes sense. Staying and losing more American lives makes no sense.

  5. GodHatesTrash says:

    From Senator Douglas’s bio:

    Retired with the rank of Major
    Assignment locations included Germany (2), Georgia, Kentucky (3) and Texas (2).

    Were you fighting Hitler or Santa Ana during Desert Storm?


  6. John Douglas says:

    Jason: You are seeing that famous liberal “tolerance” and “diversity” on display here. From the lunatic left playbook: Tolerance: We tolerate our own opinions and make personal attacks on those who dare disagree.

    Diversity: Does not include opposing opinions.

    Keep poking them Jason, it makes for cheap thirlls.

  7. Trackboy1 says:

    No matter what you think of Hank, hard to believe he’s from the same district as Cyn McKinney. Imagine her take on the GAO report.

  8. Jason Pye says:

    Actually, I’ll be honest here…I do not support us staying in Iraq. It’s clear we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. But I don’t like the overall attitude of the Democrats on the issue, and I’ll agree that the “surge” seems to be working…but like I said, we shouldn’t have ever invaded.

    My “crickets” comment was directed at GodHatesTrash.

  9. John Konop says:

    John Douglas,

    Do you think the father of the conservative movement ( William F Buckley) is a liberal because he disagrees with you on the Iraq war? Are you not the liberal thinking democracy is a sprinkle dust formula that will eliminate sectarian tribal violence since 700AD?

    Buckley: Bush Not A True Conservative

    CBS) President Bush ran for office as a

  10. John Douglas says:


    My comments are directed to those here who can not debate without slashing personal attacks. When you can’t make a logical point, you attack the messenger. Its systemic on Peach Pundit and other blog sites where many hide behind screen names.

  11. John Konop says:


    I agree with you!

    As I have said on this issue that both sides have been about firing up the base and not solving the problem.

    I am glad to see that the White House is moving toward a soft partition and local rule not a strong federal government.

    A surge or a withdrawal is a tactic not a plan.

    We must focus on political solutions and be realistic to the American people that Iraq will not be a western style democracy anytime soon if ever.

    The key to a western style democracy is the ability to respect minority views. That concept is very foreign in the Middle East.

    That is why Reagan was right when his team fathered the containment strategy after Beirut. The big mistake is we never got off the dependency of Middle East oil.

  12. GodHatesTrash says:

    Senator, I clicked through to your site. After the impressive flag-waving intro, I dug a little deeper, and copied some interesting information there and brought it over here.

    YOU decided it was OK to call the Democrats the party of surrender, not me. So I thought your knowledge of war “strategery” would be germane to the discussion.

    Alas, I find that every member of Congress – white men, black men, Jew and Gentile, – even the much maligned Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton – have just as much combat experience as you, despite all the fancy flag-waving on your website…

    Forgive me for wanting to remain anonymous – southrons have a long tradition of being violent with people that disagree with them, and they almost never fight fair.

    And I have to make a living in the real world, not in the circus under the Gold Dome.

    Now, don’t you owe the Georgia taxpayers a little work today?

  13. Cameron says:

    Since Rep. Johnson, and so many other Democrats are earger to judge the progress of the relatively young Iraqi government, shouldn’t they hold themselves to the same standard? Vast numbers of Americans consider the Pelosi regime to be a failure (Congressional approval ratings at an all time low). Why doesn’t Rep. Johnson hold his party accountable for the amount of success they have had passing their agenda through Congress?

  14. rugby_fan says:

    Senator Douglas:

    I believe you are the one who can’t use rational thought when analyzing the war.

    There is no one we are surrendering to.

    There is a civil war in Iraq. The progress in Iraq (chiefly the militias calling a cease fire) has nothing to do with our efforts but because they can’t sustain repeated suicide bombings and the PR hit.

    If you disagree with the assertion that there is no civil war, heaven help you, but, I want to know how internecine warfare between rival factions for domestic control does not qualify as a civil war.

  15. Decaturguy says:


    Your position must be an awfully lonely one when even fellow conservatives like Jason Pye say:

    I do not support us staying in Iraq. It

  16. Decaturguy says:

    Oh, and Douglas, your “debates” are always (always) laced with personal attacks and cheerleading partisan slogans (like “retreat and surrender” or “lunatic left”) that show us that there is really not much up there. Listen, I congratulate you for your support of our troops. I think that is admirable. However, support of the troops, to an intelligent person, does not lead one to keep them in a quagmire of a civil war to get killed a maimed

  17. Not to mention that most positive effects of the surge can only be maintained by a continued “surge.”

    Excuse me if I’m wrong about this, but a “surge” is a one time event. Keeping up the troop levels wouldn’t be a surge, it would be a flood. Seeing as how the American people weren’t really all that excited about the surge, I doubt they’d be that enthusiastic for a flood either.

    Sen Douglas, can’t you understand that until (if ever) the political culture in Iraq changes, we are just playing a deadly game of babysitting? The surge is like being a more attentive babysitter, you’re going to catch more bad behavior and even prevent some of it, but you can’t babysit your kids their entire life, at some point they have to grow up and accept responsibility for their own actions.

    I view the situation in Iraq similarly. The longer we are there in large numbers, the longer we provide their political “leaders” with an excuse to continue delaying their inevitable maturity or if they decide not to act like grownups, replacement by some other group who will take responsibility.

  18. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    You guys all suck 😉
    For months, I’ve been criticizing Douglas for the same things, and what did I get? Silence, and a tongue lashing by Seth and Donkey Kong for not being a team player or some kind of BS like that.

    Shoot, GHT, I was a lowly army reservist in the 80s and 90s and I have just as much combat experience as Dumbass Douglas. In his world, as you’ve already noticed, everything is painted in black and white and you can only make left and right turns. He’s definitely out of touch with his outdated rhetoric. Where do we find people like that?

  19. Skeptical says:

    Now LoyaltyIsMyHonor, you know that Douglas doesn’t only make left and right turns. He swerves a lot. Ask the Conyers Police Department…

  20. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Skeptical, No kidding. And he also harasses and stalks CPD too. Why wasn’t that story posted here? I’m looking at you front page posters.

    ***Note to self, if talking on my cell phone while driving gets me pulled over on suspicion of DUI, maybe I shouldn’t talk on my cell phone anymore. hmmmm.

  21. Mike Hauncho says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Shut up Hank. You were not sent to Congress to express you opinions. If we wanted that we would have left Cynthia there.

  22. Skeptical says:

    Sorry Jason, I’ll show respect to Mr. Elected Official when he respects the law instead of trying to intimidate it. The Newton Citizen did quite a few decent stories on how Mr. Elected Official tried to throw his weight around to get back at the City of Conyers for daring to question his au-thor-eh-tie!

  23. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Jason, what is that supposed to mean? He gets a pass for dismissing us as so-called cut and run liberals or defeatists because we disagree on the war in Iraq? Vernon Jones is an elected official too, and we seem to personally attack him on a weekly basis, but that’s ok, he’s a Demo? And no, I’m not defending Vernon, but I was told in another post that because Sen Craig had “resigned” I should not criticize him anymore on PP, but Vernon is open to such criticism because he’s elected. Now you’re arguing the opposite.

  24. GodHatesTrash says:

    Since this is a democracy, you’ve got the respect thing backwards, Jason.

    We’re showing the good Senator EXACTLY the respect he shows us, which is none.

  25. Skeptical says:

    Also Jason, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for anyone who continues to use the sad/tired/old meme of “not supporting the troops” if you don’t support Bushie or believe hook line and sinker every single thing this Administration says regarding what is happening in Iraq. Even the most incompetent fool can see that Iraq is a quagmire and continues to get worse every day that Americans occupy it. I would rather see our men and women at home, making our borders secure than being sitting ducks in the middle of a huge civil war.

    So I’m afraid that I shall have to reserve my respect for someone who actually deserves it.

  26. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Skeptical, I agree. If you want to support the troops, let them come home to their families. Do we really think they want to be in Iraq?

  27. Andre Walker says:

    Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson: For what purpose does Mr. Keen rise?

    Georgia House Majority Leader Jerry Keen: Mr. Speaker, I move the previous question.

    Speaker Richardson: The distinguished majority leader has moved the previous question. Is there objection to the previous being in order.

    (slight pause)

    Hearing none, the previous question is ordered.

  28. Jason Pye says:

    State Senator John Douglas didn’t send the troops to Iraq. Hold you federally elected representatives responsible.

    He may be towing the party line, and I personally believe the party line is incredibly wrong, but I think some of this is way over the top. Watching the debate last night was painful because of the same crap about Iraq.

    I can’t stand Glenn Richardson or Jerry Keen, but they still deserve a certain amount of respect simply because they are representatives of the voters in their district.

    Are they free from criticism? Absolutely not, but does calling the guy a “dumbass” really accomplish anything?

    Since this is a democracy, you

  29. GodHatesTrash says:

    Rugby, you’re either for Senator Douglas and the Dumbya deadenders, or you’re agin’ ’em. You’re either a good ‘murican, or a trater. Choose up.

    Jason, here are some other republics you’d might be more comfortable in – Republic of Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, People’s Republic of China – you certainly have the mindset to be a good citizen in one of those countries…

  30. Jason Pye says:

    You don’t have to listen to me, I don’t have any authority and I’m not telling you what to do, I’m simply making a suggestion.

    Jason, here are some other republics you

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