Fred Thompson Announcement Party

Tomorrow is the big day. Senator Thompson will be announcing his candidacy for the President of The United States. Fred will be doing his announcement via webcast, and the draft committee plans to get together to watch it.

We will be meeting at 6:30 at the 5 Seasons Brewery in Sandy Springs. Fred is expected to make his announcement sometime after 7pm.

If you’re not in the Atlanta area there may still be an event in your area. Visit and search for events.

The 5 Seasons Brewing Company is located on Rowsell Road, just inside I285.

5 Seasons Brewing Company
The Prado
5600 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Directions to the 5 Seasons can be found here:

Updated to add: While Fred did say he was running last night on Leno and released a video on his new website he’ll be doing a special webcast with his supporters live at 7:30 tonight.


  1. Mark Rountree says:

    Everyone: The 5 Seasons Brewpub alone is a reason to go! If you’ve not been, it’s a world-class brewing operation. Best place in Atlanta.

  2. CHelf says:

    Well Fred has definitely made an enemy in Fox News Channel. They’ve already hit him pretty hard. And added to the snub of the debate tonight, I’m sure Roger Ailes is none too thrilled. I guess we’ll see 3 months of negative stories chipping away at Fred from FNC.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Are we sure what the announcement is tomorrow? It might be an admission about airport bathrooms…. just saying

  4. AubieTurtle says:

    There are so many candidates between the two parties. We need to start a pool to guess which ones drop out first.

    My money is Duncan Hunter (yeah, I know… WHO?) for the Republicans. For the Democrats, either Dodd or Richardson will be the next to drop out.

    At least three other Republicans will drop out before Thompson does. (Sorry Fred supporters, I just don’t see him going all the way).

  5. BTW, I am pretty sure I saw Fred announce last night on Leno. Are y’all sure it is today? All media outlets are saying he announced last night also.

    You guys really just want a reason to go to the pub!

  6. Doug Deal says:

    Fred? announced several months ago, he has just been using this time to skirt rules everyone else has been in compliance with, so what difference does it make? Have the party and pretend this is a big announcement, instead of yet another political game.

  7. GodHatesTrash says:

    Does 5 Seasons have a big enough mens room for the “meat and greet” before, during and after?

    I heard they drilled some extra little “Old Glory holes” in the stalls for tonite’s festivities…

    Have fun guys!

  8. GodHatesTrash says:

    Do I make you horny, Simple?

    ho ho ho ho hehehe.

    But come to think of it, Tennessee Fred’s soiree would be a great place for Hollywood casting types to look for Deliverance extras, wouldn’t it, Simple?

    Can’t make it little buddy, sorry.

    (y’all keep pitchin’ ’em up, I’ll keep hittin’ ’em out)

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