Whoopi joins “The View” defends Vick, insults South.

According to Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Vick thought dog fighting was OK because he grew up in the South where it’s part of what we do down here. Sorry Whoopi, but as we say down here: that dog won’t hunt.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone South of the Mason-Dizin line who thinks killing dogs who don’t win a fight is acceptable, or a “southern thing.” I find her comment offensive, and no different from those who said dog fighting was a “black thing.”

Watch for yourself.


  1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Let’s face it folks – the South is world reknowned for all sorts of violent stupidity: cockfightin’, dogfightin’, and bearbaitin’ just some of the many. And let’s be honest – most dogfighters in the United States are of the southern Caucasian persuasion…

    Oh – did I forget to mention lynchin’? Maybe y’all could get a posse of peckerwoods together and go show that Whoopi a thing or two ’bout messin’ with Dixie.

  2. MidGaDawg says:

    Buzz watches The View?!

    And BTW, Whoopi, he’s not even from the DEEP South… Virginia is “Rim South” at best. My God, the people on this show are shockingly ignorant, not just of the South, but in general. Did y’all catch that part about cats in China?!

  3. GAWire says:

    Her name is Whoopi – can’t we just leave it at that? Either way, if I were black, I’d be pissed seeing that she essentially said that dogfighting (tortuing, etc) is a black thing. However, I’m not black, so I just think it’s funny.

  4. Holly says:

    I think her term was actually “in that culture”, so it could mean anything: African-Americans, southerners, doofuses. . . really, you can plug any of those terms into something as vague as what she said and make it applicable, can’t you?

  5. Doug Deal says:

    Whoopi also seems to think all that Chinese do is eat cats, as well. Maybe if she took the time to have her coast to coast flight stop in some place other than LA or NYC, perhaps she would not have such a rediculous view of other cultures.

  6. rugby_fan says:


    I think GodHatesTrash’s comments add a certain gravitas and intellectual rigor to the Political Insider.

    Maybe pedestrian arguments and trite cliches, mixed in with a virulent hatred of your political foes is what you like to see in comments, which I guess explains why you dislike GodHatesTrash.

    His statements are antithetical to all of those qualities so often seen replete the blogosphere.

  7. StevePerkins says:

    I have to point out that 99% of Peach Pundit’ers are from the Atlanta metro (with a Macon guy or two here and there). We often fall into the habit of viewing outer-Gwinnett, Henry, etc as being “rural”. Quite simply, it isn’t.

    I went to high school and undergrad around Lake Blackshear in deep southwest Georgia. Quite simply put, Whoopi pretty much has a point. More dogs down there are abused than aren’t… literally kicking the sh*t out of a dog as a form of discipline is socially acceptable, and children torturing animals is a nostalgic rite of passage.

    I had a fraternity brother whose family made a living raising roosters for cockfights. “Officially”, the gamecocks were only for use in Louisianna (the last state America to pass a cockfighting ban, which still doesn’t take effect until sometime next year). However, there were plenty of under-the-table cockfighting events held here in this state… and no doubt still are. That fraternity brother was one of the more popular students at the school.

    Face facts… this isn’t a “Georgia blog”, it’s a “metro blog”. When you talk about the raw and the real of Southern culture, most people here have very little knowledge of what they speak.

  8. GodHatesTrash says:

    Thanks rugby fan for your kind words.

    I try not to be pedestrian in my arguments – I do like the “drive by”, though. Making these GOPers whine and moan is easier than shootin’ fish in a barrel – why, I could take on a room full of ’em with half my brain tied behind my back! (And I wouldn’t even have to hang up the phone on them.)

    As for the intellekyool rigor required – remember, we are dealing here with a bunch of native Georgians, who have the highest high school dropout rate in the nation. (Think about it – almost 40% of Georgians can’t graduate from a GEORGIA high school in four years! Wow!!!).

  9. AlanR says:

    Whoopie is not paying attention, or maybe its been that long since she spent any quality time in the hood. Time to get back to roots.

    Anyone who has ever lived in an urban neighborhood in the Northeast has seem it all before. You don’t need to go to the South to find racism or animal abuse.

    As someone who has spent most of my life in Philadelphia, I find Atlanta to be far more open and honest about most social issues, and certainly less segregated. Yeah, you heard me.

    I prefer here to there, although I miss the corned beef. And there is no such thing as a bagel in the South.

    Other than that . . .

  10. jsm says:

    I didn’t know Whoopi was such an expert on the “deep South.” Give me a break. And just because Steve knows some South Georgia rednecks who kick their dogs doesn’t mean that this only happens in the South. NEWSFLASH: It happens all over this country–even up north–among people in rural and suburban communities who don’t see anything wrong with hurting an animal.

    Whoopi was doing nothing more here than making excuses for Vick. He has no excuse. He knew dogfighting was illegal, and he knowingly participated. Even worse, he had no problem with torturing animals, inflicting severe pain while killing them. Whether or not this is “culturally accepted” does not change the fact that the ability to inflict torture on an animal without remorse is not far removed from doing the same to a fellow human. Torturing people is “culturally accepted” in some places within this country, too.

    BTW Trash, all one must do is visit Kos for ten seconds to experience more whining from clueless libs than someone who thinks for himself can stand.

  11. Sarawara says:

    “As someone who has spent most of my life in Philadelphia, I find Atlanta to be far more open and honest about most social issues, and certainly less segregated. Yeah, you heard me. ”

    AlanR, I found Boston to be very similar.

    This whole argument of it’s a racial or cultural thing really annoys me. Even if dogfighting is more common and accepted in the rural south…so what? That doesn’t mean Vick should be treated more leniently for committing a federal crime than someone who does it in, say, Providence, RI. Meth is more common in the rural south too, but we don’t expect people to overlook arrests for meth possession or production/distribution out of some sort of “cultural tolerance.”

  12. GodHatesTrash says:

    Perhaps it is a question of scale – Vick killed some dogs, and there’s a bunch of Georgians wanting him castrated and/or lynched, and a bigger bunch that want to put him jail for a long time and then take his livelihood from him.

    Meanwhile, human beings are dying by the thousands every month in Iraq, and the very same people seem to be saying ‘ ho hum’.

  13. dorian says:

    What exactly does the name ‘GodHatesTrash” mean? And how do you know that? Did he tell you himself? Did he define ‘trash’? Or did he leave you to define what ‘trash’ is exactly? I’m guessing that ‘trash’ is anything that you happen to disagree with. While your posts are marginally entertaining, I am sensing to cognitive dissonance here, particularly in reference to the ‘clueless and classless’ remarks, or can you point to some comment you’ve made that would give anyone an iota of a clue that you have class?

  14. StevePerkins says:

    I assume that GodHatesTrash’s posting nickname is a parody of Westboro Baptist Church… the famous evangelical fundamentalist Christian church that operates the website “www.godhatesfags.com”.

  15. GodHatesTrash says:

    The Lord spoketh unto me, and He said verily unto me – “We hateth trash, in its myriad and various forms, especially human, and We chooseth you to be Our messenger on Earth. We chargeth you – disagree with the disagreeable. Smite the smug, the small-minded and the self-righteous. Hammer the hatemongering hypocrites with the sledgehammer of truth and justice. Bring them to their knees, (not in the mens room, please).”

    ((Like many religious folks (many with much bigger congregations spewing a whole lot more stoopidity) in Georgia, I guess you’d say I’m self-ordained, and I’ve found my own personal salvation. Praise the Lord!))

  16. GAWire says:

    jsm et al, I agree. I am convinced there are more rednecks above the Mason-Dixon than below it.

    Steve, I think it’s funny that you think you’re an expert on rural GA b/c you and your boys from the house saw some people kick the crap out of dogs. So, you’re an expert on rural South? Your time spent by taking body shots off of douchebag pledges’ girldfriends at the SAE house doesn’t mean jack. Get over it.

    In all reality, though, who really cares? Whether its a common thing or not, I’d still be pissed if Whoopi was sterotyping black, Southerners, whomever, saying that dogfighting, cockfighting or whatever is a normal thing. Exceptions don’t constitute norms.

  17. drjay says:

    “However, there were plenty of under-the-table cockfighting events held here in this state”

    am i the only one who laughed when reading this sentence…

  18. jsm says:

    “Meanwhile, human beings are dying by the thousands every month in Iraq, and the very same people seem to be saying

  19. GodHatesTrash says:

    Jsm, I know southrons have a tradition of only counting white folks as human beings, but if you include Iraqis as human beings, which I do, there are an average of over 40 civilian deaths due to war violence there.

    40 times 30 (that’d be number of days in a month, Einstein) is twelve hundred, or eleventy eleven jazillion, for you hillbillies! Eleventy eleven jazillion is over a thousand…

    Anyhow, back to you, Cletus.

  20. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Well most here are Mexicans, but the Asians are more diverse. Notices I used Hispanics for the norther cities…sorry if I offended.

  21. rugby_fan says:

    I guess we should go tell the Brazilians, Dominicans, Guatemalans, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Thais, Vietnamese, Jamaicans, Bahamians, Turks, &c. that their communities don’t really exist in Atlanta.

    Does Asian mean Chinese and I guess, Koreans and Japanese? Or do you lump a continent with half of the earth’s population and cultures together?

  22. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I don’t know Rugby, they all look the same to me. I mean, anyone who doesn’t look American is a terrorist anyway. Right?

  23. Holly says:

    Or Vidette, Jmac. And don’t forget big Philomath! I had a Come to Jesus experience in Philomath when I almost hit a cow on the way back from college one weekend. Terrifying.

  24. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “I want to know what an American looks like.”
    Well blonde hair and blues of course. You must not be an American, Holly. Off to Guantanamo Bay you go.

  25. jsm says:

    “but if you include Iraqis as human beings, which I do, there are an average of over 40 civilian deaths due to war violence there.”

    Wrong again, Trash. First, I’d like to see your data and its source. Secondly, the number of civilian deaths you claim are not due to “war violence over there.” People are dying in large numbers (around 1000 in August, according to newsday.com) due to sectarian violence. Furthermore, if we were “ho hum” about the sectarian violence, we wouldn’t be there trying to stop it.

    Your ignorance attacking the ‘hillbillies’ is hilarious.

  26. GodHatesTrash says:

    Juan Cole, the most visible American Middle East scholar, summarized it in a particularly vivid comment: “The US misadventure in Iraq is responsible [in a little over three years] for setting off the killing of twice as many civilians as Saddam managed to polish off in 25 years.” (That was last year, folks. The rate of civilian casualties went UP since then.)

    David Brown, writing for the Washington Post reported: “A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 that would have not died if the invasion had not occurred.”

    (That’d be elebenty-leben jamillion per month for you Georgia Repukes out there…)

    I know you hillbillies want to hide from the blame, as usual, but you’re the ones that voted the Chickenhawk-in-Chief into office. He’s a calamity visited upon the rest of the union and the world by Dixie…

    Thanks alot!

  27. GodHatesTrash says:

    Maybe not too many people in Georgia, jsm, perhaps.

    But let’s face it – Georgians are not known for their critical thinking skills… Remember, 46 out of 50 in SAT scores is actually considered an achievement by your goobernor… and you’re on an up trend!

    By your logic – the majority decides what is or isn’t factual – go chow down on some dog doo – 60 billion flies can’t be wrong.

    Talk about sheep and shepherds, Senator Douglas – did you see this guy?

  28. jsm says:

    Trash, you essentially have an unverified ‘estimate’ that you’re hanging an argument on while continually bashing Southerners, Georgians, etc., with stupid, stereotypical nonsense. In other words, you’re full of crap, and you’re hiding behind childish insults. I see now where midgajim’s sentiment earlier in this thread comes from.

  29. GodHatesTrash says:

    oh well.

    from a recent jsm post:

    (BTW Trash, all one must do is visit Kos for ten seconds to experience more whining from clueless libs than someone who thinks for himself can stand.)

    Pot to kettle.

    Thanks for playing.

  30. Doug Deal says:


    Why are you replying to the particular person that you are complaining about? Generally people like that simply have the goal of just trying to get people riled up, and participating in the discussion is just giving him what he wants.

    His nonsensical comments are best left unanswered as they discredit him better than anything you could add.

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