1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Republicans would be amazed – there’s a whole big wide wonderful world out there beyond the inside of the airport restroom!

  2. Rick Day says:

    Between GBPW and Dragon*Con (which I attended in my honorable Klingon uniform, as ususal) it was indeed an interesting mix of flavahs in Ye Olde Warde

  3. EAVDad says:

    GHT – That qualifies as an official ZINGER!

    As you may (or may not) know: Open homosexuality is still a big hush-hush issue in the black community. You may have heard about guys being on the “down low” and there was a major issue at Morehouse a few years back.

    So, a Black Gay Pride parade is a big statement for these folks. That’s why there is a separate parade.

  4. GodHatesTrash says:

    Oh, I don’t know if it’s a black-white thing EAV – beggin’ for it in the bathroom seems pretty “down low” to me. There’s evidently a whole lotta “down low” white folks out there – Haggard, Craig, Foley, etc, etc, etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum – nice respectable Republicans all…

    Maybe the GOP should try a “big closet” policy rather than the big tent?

    Chris – that GOP gay pride parade could be anywhere – just make sure there are lots of port-a-potties.

    Folksy campaign slogan for Big Fred Thompson –

    “If the porta-potty’s rockin’ – don’t come knockin’! Vote for Fred!”

    Naww – maybe not – Fred has got the Deliverance vote locked up – he’d just be preachin’ to his choir.

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