Charlie Bailey

From Mark Rountree comes the news that Charlie Bailey has passed away.

A website still exists, a remnant of his 2006 campaign for Secretary of State.

It is here for folks who want to know and/or be reminded of Charlie


  1. I met Charlie in 1996 when we ran against each other in the Republican primary for Secretary of State. In this unlikeliest of circumstances, Charlie and I became friends.

    I will be among the many who will miss this decent and honest man.

  2. Mark Rountree says:

    Like I said the other day when his illness became public: Charlie was a truly decent man who understood that running for office did not mean you checked your humility at the door. The world was a better place because of his life.

  3. kevin35 says:

    This is the obit from the AJC to help people find the services. The other story on David’s web page shows the same but explains more of my dad. The web page on the other post is wrong and we are trying to find the right web page. I know something exists out there.

  4. kevin35 says:

    I would like to thank those who know my dad or knew of him and yes some of those awful jokes.

    I know him as a leader who was always 4 years ahead of his time it was a shame he will be missed but not forgotten.

    I know at age 36 most kids could tell the parent if one was in trouble for doing something but even at 61 I still felt like I was 12 when I told him stuipd quote or I was in trouble for doing something.

    The good news is even if his words are not spoken if you feel a nudge to do something or move over or open a door for a woman it may have been him.

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