Entitle The PR Hacks!

Okee dokee… now we’re getting somewhere in the ongoing debate about reforming health care in Georgia. Georgia Insurance commissioner John Oxendine somewhat reluctantly, but finally, weighs in (thank you Walter Jones at the Times-Union) on all the various Republican proposals flying around. Talk about stuck between a political rock and a regulatory hard place though. Not much he can really say or do in a position like his. But…

If you feel that Sonny’s plan for helping small business people purchase health insurance, the plan that proposes providing entitlements to the health insurance business, the only people flourishing in this current heath care crisis, is the way to go then so be it.

One thing Oxendine does point out though:

(Lt. Governor Casey) Cagle also proposed legislation allowing doctors and hospitals to market some or all of their services directly to the public. Well, they’re already able to do that, Oxendine says, under rules he got in place years ago.

“It has not been very successful,” he (Oxendine) said.

Well, there hasn’t been much success because health providers likely have no clue about how to market directly to people who need their services. Nor have they had financial assistant or encouragement from state government to do so.


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