DuBose Porter Responds to Perdue

I got my hands on DuBose’s original editorial that appeared in today’s papers. Since the formatting wasn’t preserved, I thought I’d post it here in its original format. Enjoy.

From DuBose Porter, House Minority Leader, in response to Gov. Sonny Perdue on SAT Scores:
I think I may have hit a truth nerve. I think this because our Governor responded to my comments regarding his massive public relations campaign concerning SAT scores by releasing one of the finest public relations pieces to ever come out of his office. Since I also called on the people to become more engaged in deciphering the truth from this spin regarding education, I thought when I responded I would do so by highlighting a few of the tactics used in his latest press release as a primer.

1. Always, always crucify the messenger first.

The Governor’s release- “For more than 130 years, Democrats like DuBose Porter and his pessimistic friends presided over an educational system…” Only in the deepest world of “Spinning P.R.” would you call someone a name that would also apply to yourself. You all did know our Governor was a part of the 130 year legacy he is bashing? Does he? Of course, but he didn’t think anyone would be fed up enough to take the heat that comes from speaking truth to power.

2. Misconstrue while making it look like the messenger insulted someone (preferably a large group.)

The Governor’s release- “Representative Porter’s comments yesterday were disrespectful and insulting to Georgia teachers, administrators, parents, and most of all, our high school students, who have worked hard to improve their SAT scores over the last four years.” What I said had nothing to do with the ability of the teachers, administrators, parents or the students. What I said had to do with the cuts the Governor made that took away the tools to teach. The greatest lumberjack in the world can’t cut down a tree with a hundred dollar bill when they need a chainsaw.

3. When facts fail call the messenger names.

The Governor’s release- “


  1. joe says:

    That is one of the best rebuttals that I have ever read. It kept me laughing, and made Sonny look realy bad.

  2. Trackboy1 says:

    I’ve only been in Georgia for 15 yrs. Was there something DuBose did back then to make him relevant, ’cause he hasn’t done anything since then.

  3. Chris,

    Good rebuttal but try coaching Dubose on keeping it to 3 points and you might actually help win an election for someone.

    I don’t know anyone that has met Dubose that doesn’t like Dubose. Your buddy Will kicked me off D’s ranch one time and i still like D.
    Where is Will anyway? Hope you guys put him through sense of humor classes if he is still lurking in the deep dark, dysfunctional shadows.

    And i don’t know anyone that has met Casey that doesn’t like Casey. So 2010 should be a nice refreshing challenge of the Nice Guy Titans. I’ll give Casey and his “advisors” a chance to kick me out of something before i make a final decision.

  4. EAVDad says:

    And Mr. Porter should check his facts: The changes to HOPE eligibility were the recommendations of a bipartisan HOPE commission. And for the record, Democrats signed onto the bill and supported it.

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