Doraville recall effort.

A recall effort has been launched against Doraville Councilmen Tom Hart and Bob Spangler.

Click here for information about the effort.


  1. betta says:

    I’d posted about this in another thread yesterday. Thanks for posting the new and pertinent details, Buzz!!

  2. BubbaRich says:

    I was at the press conference today, here’s a local news report on it:

    Mr. Hart and Mr. Spangler (with Mr. Lowe, probably) are planning on firing Chief King again Tuesday night at the regularly scheduled city council meeting, so this effort is important.

    Brian Bates and Karen Pachuta are heading up the recall efforts, and handed out a notebook full of evidence about Mr. Hart’s and Mr. Spangler’s actions. The evidence mostly consists of the audits of the asset forfeiture account, which were approved by the city council, and many, many pages of excerpts from city council meeting minutes.

    To me, the most important thing in the minutes was seeing exactly how well Mr. Hart understands the city 911 system and the fact that the problems are with the cell phone towers that it is up to the city council, NOT Chief King, to wrest from DeKalb County’s control. This was heavily discussed, and Mr. Hart clearly showed that he understood the issues. His later attempt to show problems in the 911 system by making test calls from City Hall using cell phones was even more obviously dishonest.

    The evidence booklet also has the minutes from Mr. Hart’s comments leading in to his attempt to fire Chief King. These comments are exceptionally clear in showing that the main issue was Mr. King’s absence over the last two years. He even made it more exact when discussing this “main issue” by referring to one prominent event Mr. King was not available for, which took place while Mr. King was on duty in Iraq.

    The evidence is very damning on all counts against Mr. Hart, and nearly all using his words and discussions (and showing the audits he’s approved for the accounts he didn’t know existed).

    Rumor has it that Mr. Hart, Mr. Spangler, Mr. Lowe, and Mr. Willard are all refusing to attend the Senate Committee meeting next Tuesday on the issue.

    I have been on the fence about recall efforts, but reading this evidence booklet and knowing that Mr. Hart will try to replace Chief King Tuesday night, right after the Senate Committee hearing, has convinced me to strongly support the recall efforts, and help them out as much as I can in Doraville.


    I served under john king in the national guard. first of all he is a soldier. second he is the doraville police chief. i know first hand he is a good man. i know that he has a good reason for everything he does. if you are not in the “know” you will never know the reasons he does what he does. he also has lame politicians that he has to answer to. these politicians do not know the first thing about being at war and being a police chief. the simple answer is that chief king can be pressured from people above him to do things that he feels is not correct. he cannot make all the people happy all the time. try being in his shoes for one day. especially you panzy polititions/councel members sit on your butts while real men like john king do the hard work.

    proudly submitted by r. bounds

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