Change of Hart in Doraville?

Senator John Douglas just shot this over to me:

Doraville City Councilman Tom Hart who has led the anti John King faction resigned from the City Council this afternoon and qualified to run for Mayor. He has totally changed his tune now and is said to support King.

The Veterans and Military Affairs meeting scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed indefinitely.

The AJC is reporting on Hart’s change of opinion as well.

And in case you hadn’t already heard, the councilman involved in this and their attorney, State Rep. Wendell Willard, had said they would not attend the meeting.

Douglas also added:

I am pleased to see that Doraville Police Chief John King and Councilman Tom Hart were able to sit down and discuss the unfortunate situation that has been ongoing in that city. The fact that Hart later resigned his council seat to run for Mayor and the fact that neither he or the other two members seeking King’s resignation were planning to attend the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee meeting in Atlanta Tuesday is a strong indicator that their charges were flimsy and weak at best.

I am pleased that our committee rose to the challenge to help sort out this matter and in the end, helped save the reputation and career of an American patriot. John King has served Doraville, Georgia and America in and out of uniform and we are all better for his service. Because of the turn of events late today, the V&MA Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning will not meet.

I hope that the people of Doraville will now work to put this unfortunate episode behind them. They deserve no less.


  1. BubbaRich says:

    I will be out there reminding anybody who might vote for Mr. Hart what a clown he has been as a city council member.

    1. He built a sidewalk. Well, I say built, even though he started it over 18 months ago and he still hasn’t finished it. He was planning on doing labor and direction himself, purportedly to save money for the city. His efforts were, however, more expensive than a sidewalk built using already available resources to the city, especially county planning and labor available to the city for free.

    What he has finished is a very beautiful sidewalk, though he has left a dump in front of Happy Karaoke’s door where he stopped working on the sidewalk and left the asphalt torn up in front of the business.

    2. He has opposed any effort on updating zoning ordinances in Doraville. I repeat, ANY effort. He has been quite a random contrarian, opposing them for various reasons, while Doraville continues to muddle by with its current zoning hodgepodge. His efforts have stalled any hope Doraville has to create a multi-use facility at the GM plant site, and to direct development along Buford Highway into reasonable paths.

    3. Somewhat overshadowed in Mr. Hart’s attacks on Chief King in the last few weeks have been Mr. Hart’s equally egregious attacks against the members of the Doraville citizens’ Planning Commission and Ethics Commission. Of course, he has been guilty of legal violations with his maintenance of his home and yard, and ethics violations in many ways, but most obviously in his treatment of city employees (for which he was cited by the entire council). It certainly leaves the taste in my mouth that last month was about settling personal scores.

    The only way Mr. Hart’s campaign for the mayor’s office can work is the same way he won his council seat, by winning a runoff. I have my personal favorite between his two competitors for the mayor’s office, but I like both Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. Hadden, and I would fight for either of them in a runoff race against Mr. Hart. Or, as I said in another blog, not to insult either Mr. Jenkins or Mrs. Hadden, but I would also vote for the neighborhood squirrels against Mr. Hart.

  2. brianbates says:

    Thanks to all the residents of Doraville and the many friends from around the State of Georgia and country who pressured our councilmen to do what was right.

    Mr. Spangler has yet to make a decision, pending word from him, we will continue with the recall efforts. The official charge documents have been uploaded and can be found at

    Thanks again!


    Brian L. Bates

  3. betta says:

    I don’t see Spangler as having any other “out” here.

    If he is true to his “me-too” history of supporting Hart, he’ll realize it’s best for him as well as the residents. I’m sure he’s not looking forward to the next Council meeting.

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