1. atlantaman says:

    “even WSJ.com is going to give all, online, away before too much longer, mark my word.”

    Murdoch has already made it clear he intends to open up the WSJ to free online content. I don’t know if the folks who objected to Darth Murdoch taking over a second “NY” newspaper would object to the free content or not.

  2. Murdoch’s takeover coincided with my subscription to the WSJ online ending. I’m waiting to see whether I’ll renew. The old adage that you get what you pay for certainly applies there. If it maintains its independence and robust journalistic standards, I’d gladly pay to resubscribe.

    If not, well…you get what you pay if it will be free.

    I hardly ever care to read the editorial pages, by the way. I think the news coverage is up there with the NYT for consistently being the best in the country, though.

  3. atlantaman says:

    Come now Chris, the WSJ editorial page is the best part. If you’d only make it to that section of the Journal there might be hope of bringing you over from the “dark side”.

    Now the NYT doesn’t really need an editorial section since it’s redundant to the cover page of the main section.

  4. And while we are talking about business models, let’s dont’ forget to say a prayer for the 13,000 Georgia families whose homes went into foreclosure last month.

    I sure would hate to be on the Ga & US Senate & House Banking Committees this year. But then again, the free lunches to coerce legislators into letting the US Government pick up the fallout will be multitudinous.

    I wish they would enact a truth in Bill labeling law this year too. Like the Predatory Carnivore Banking Act of 2003 – precipitating the Great Bank Bailout Act of 2008 – as amended in 2007.


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