1. atlantaman says:


    I liked what you did with the video, etc.. I have to give you props in that you’re always trying to be innovative in campaign coverage.

    I was amused by the woman who complained that everyone refers to Mrs. Clinton as Hillary and not Senator Clinton -stating it was a pet peeve of hers. The irony is that it’s the successful branding of Hillary’s campaign, millions of dollars spent already, that has contributed to the “Hillary” brand.


    Most major candidates prefer and easily recognizable brand name – Newt, Rudy, Saxby, Sonny, etc..

    It’s a little like an employee of the Coca-Cola company complaining when folks refer to their drink as Coke.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Sure. Vortex is fine. Plenty of room for all five GA Libertarians. But I thought they met at Smith’s?

    Seriously, is there a GOP drankin’ hole in Atlanta? I need to know.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Oh Miss Amber… how silly and petty all our little womanly concerns really are!!! Silly us for even openin’ our cute little mouths when all the men are talkin’ politics and war and the future of the country and all those big manly man issues! My it is sooooo hot in this big ‘ole house. I hear tell that some women are even going without their, excuse me for being so unlady-like, “undergarments” in this crazy heat. Can you imagine???!!! Mercy on them. I am just not that bold. Are you?! Well, back to the ice house for me to get up something cold and refreshin’ for the menfolk!!!! TTFN,
    Miss Pity

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