1. RobertC says:

    Hey, let’s get casey to give another speech and propose we have cheap health insurance for poor kids, and we should build roads and bridges and even have public schools.

    Oh, wait, we already do those things.

    Richardson proposes anything a hot blonde tells him to. Cagle proposes programs that already exist. And perdue goes fishing.

    Larry, curly, and moe.

  2. AlanR says:

    How many who can’t afford health insurance for their kids have the super package on cable, and what’s their cell phone plan?

    Not meant to be rude. Its a strange world out there and you’d be amazed what we are subsidizing when we provide assistance through our government.

    No one wants kids to suffer poor health for lack of insurance, but some of them only lack insurance because of poor parenting.

    Let’s make sure we help the people who really need the help.

  3. betta says:

    Well, wait’ll the radical right gets on here and says that they don’t want to help lazy folks who should get off welfare or else go see folks in underdeveloped countries.

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