1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    RJ, a belated welcome to PP. Your website and organization seem interesting. Is your organization pushing the healthcare transformation in GA? If so, why the hell did you guys choose Judson Hill as your point man? Not well-liked by either party at the Capitol.

  2. GeorgiaEagle says:

    “American Solutions is based on the premise that the wealthiest economy and the most powerful nation in the world needs answers the size of America’s potential. American Solutions is designed to help transform a highly decentralized country of 300,000,000 people with 511,000 elected officials including 3,300 county governments, 17,000 elected school boards, 14,000 state legislators, 50 Governors, 435 federal Representatives and 100 federal Senators. ”

    Given the track record of the GOP federal Congress under Newt’s leadership (they did have control of federal expenditures), you’ve got to convince me that these guys won’t give us an ever expanding, more corporatist federal/ state/ local government.

    Call me after you guys have some specific, well-defined objectives and goals and tackle ONE county. Then I’ll review the results and see if you’re good enough to take it to the next level.

    Now if I could get someone like Ron Paul elected for County Commissioner here…


  3. Bull Moose says:

    Would like to participate in one in Savannah but have found it to all be FEDERALLY centered and nothing else so far…

  4. Carpe Forem says:

    Is this the workshop where finally Newt is gonna formally anounce that he’s running for Vice President?
    I wonder who he’s gonna pick as his running mate, Mitt or Fred?

    This whole workshop ideas smells of a product from a Newt/Rove strategy session.

    Why won’t the GOP just let the people pick their candidates?

    If you’re a conservative politician, you don’t need a workshop to know the people need/want less spending, lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom.

  5. ndesmond says:

    All of Newt Gingrich’s work on health and healthcare is done through the Center for Health Transformation, which is totally separate from American Solutions. The Center works with a very broad collaboration of leaders dedicated to creating a 21st century intelligent health system that saves lives and saves money. The Center does not have a designated “point person” in Georgia but instead has a large and growing number of leaders who believe in our vision and are working in a variety of ways to transform health in Georgia and beyond. Please visit our website at http://www.healthtransformation.net for more information about the Center.

  6. RJ Briscione says:

    We’d love to have you host a workshop in Savannah. We are focused on transforming all levels of government: from city councils, to state legislatures, to Washington, D.C. I think you’ll see that the workshops on Sept 29th will reflect that and you’ll have some great takeaways that will help you with your city council run.

  7. Bull Moose, what is the name of that quaint little Italian Restaurant in downtown Savannah, oh wait, hell, that’s downtown Augusta, with Newt’s Photograph hanging in ever booth and along every wall? RJ, if you’ve ever been to Augusta, clue us in, it might have been Luigis of Augusta circa 2000. I still have nightmares of being surrounded by all those pictures. If we can start by solving this Augusta mystery, we’ll be well on our way to other solutions for the ethically troubled municipality.

    thanks, i’m just here to help.

  8. Holly says:

    Luigi’s has pictures of Newt? Honestly, I’ve never noticed.

    By the way, their meatball lasagna is amazing.

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