1. atlantaman says:

    Between Taylor’s guy trying to burn the campaign headquarters down and Cleland’s guy behaving like a crack-head, the reason for the Democrats’ sharp downturn in Georgia is becoming abundantly clear.

    It’s hard to focus on campaign strategy when you feel like you’re in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

    Perhaps during the DPG’s next candidate training seminar they should do a section on hiring – complete with background checks and psychological evalutions.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    Snuggles ought to interview this guy as a potential Campaign Manager. They’d get along great! 🙂

  3. kevpriest says:

    I’ve been googling this guy and he’s apparently more than just Cleland’s chief of staff. He’s also represented himself as a spokesman for John Murtha, several veterans groups, and done work for the Clintons. And yet, according to the article in the Boston Globle, he is a “career criminal”. What’s up with that.

    Here’s a link to all my results so far, including the latest statement from Max that he’s been suspended pending the outcome.


  4. GAWire says:

    “””Who hired this guy?””” Uh, that would be Max Cleland. He’s also the guy that defended this weirdo.

  5. kevpriest says:

    Apparently a fellow over DailyKos started a diary on this subject, since deleted as far as I can tell, that had some of the same information I got. His post got a response from the guys girlfriend suggesting he had a longstanding drug dependency. He told her he was going up to help in the HRC campaign (he apparently has history with her, given that she acknowledges him in one of her books). What he was actually doing, no one seems to know.

  6. gatormathis says:

    This cat reminds me of the character Jon Lovitz used to portray on the Saturday Night live skits.

    I forget the character’s name, but he was the head of Pathological Liars Anonymous. He would always begin simple, only to stretch the truth into lies as he went, a seemingly uncontrollable urge.

    My favorite stretch was when he would cite the lovely Morgan Fairchild as his friend, no….girlfriend, no……his wife, yessss , “my wife” he would say with a huge, very satisfying grin.

    At best he looks like a petty chump, at worst he seems to be a car-jacking idiot drug fiend, the kind who always use people, screw up, then ply their wares on their friends to get out of trouble.

    My point of curiosity is, why does Cleland employ his services, and why does he need him? How long has he been in Cleland’s service, and more so, how much longer will his services be needed by the former Senator?

    Cleland himself better be careful, less he wakes up one morning and his personal mode of transportation be “chair-jacked” away.

    Cleland may already be in luck though if the “nice” young man has already been recruited and moved over to the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.

    That may be a more appropriate venue for him anyway.

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