Bobby Saxon announcement.

SpaceyG sent me the link to the video you see below.

Will having actually lived in the 10th district allow Saxon to fair any better than James Marlow did in the Special Election? Perhaps, but barring some perfectly timed scandal, I can’t see Saxon beating Braun.


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    When you think about all the recent GA Congressman who have been elected outside of their districts, as a challenger I’m not sure I’d hang my hat on that issue.

  2. Federalist says:

    It is not like Paul Broun is a real incumbent. He has a partial term, albeit most of the term. Furthermore, all of the symbolic and important legislation has been dealt with and really will not appear again until the next Congress. The increasing disgust with the War in Iraq may have some profound implications as well. Afterall, Saxon is career military, served in Iraq, and believes we should withdraw (then spouts the rest of the party line). Broun does not care, he is going to be a rubber stamp for the Bush admin. on that issue, just as he said during the campaign. Will Saxon beat Broun…probably not. The district is 60%+ GOP. Honestly the 10th district really does not care how much of a moron its congressman is, so long as he/she is republican. Given that Iraq is still going to be the top issue in the 08 election, Saxon has a position, and given his experience, the only legitimate response to a question proposed to any candidate in the 10th. The presidential candidate will also be important though, unless he can diffuse that problem and come out against the Dem candidate if it is Hilary. The others seem safe enough. The GOP candidate may have the same effects, altough I do not forsee a GOP candidate that the Southern GOP is going to be too fond of. Thompson does not stand a chance if he is going to continue raising less money than McCain.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    I thought the dog was going to take a leak on the house. That would have been great. He talked a lot but said little. I think he has a tough road ahead of him but it is good to see the little guy get in the fight every now and then. I do not agree with his positions but people should stand up and be active more often.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Good grief! The guy’s got 15 months to work with. Marlow only had a few weeks. And if you don’t think this guy’s a really powerful candidate, then watch this other video about his military service. There’s going to be a lot to campaign with for Mr. Saxon. He’s got a lot of that stuff that money can’t buy: appeal and charisma and common sense. And he’s all 1oth, through and through. And I’ll stop waving my pom-poms now… go watch the other vid:

  5. Holly says:

    The thing is that Marlow was one of 419,238 candidates in a very short race. Given the displeasure in this part of the district over recent BRAC and I-3 comments, I wouldn’t write anyone off just yet. As Spacey correctly points out, there are 15 months left until this election; 11 months until the primaries. Who honestly knows?

    Through the recent special election, the 10th proved that observers should expect the unexpected. I think nothing can be taken for granted and no candidate can be discounted.

  6. ChuckEaton says:

    I’d say you can just as easily make the case that Marlow and the Democrats benefited from the short-term chaos of the special election.

    Marlow was a good candidate and his votes, combined with the other Democrats, could end up being the Democratic ceiling in that district.

    It’s a Republican seat and not even close to being Democrat. I know folks like to say what a surprise Broun was and his victory proves anything can happen, but you have to remember that the combined Dem vote total was still only 28.4% – with a decent Democrat in the race.

    If a Republican chose to run against John Lewis here in Atlanta, I just can’t picture too many us getting fired-up over it. At some point you cross a line from idealistic to unrealistic.

    While the ultimate outcome of the Broun race may have been a surprise, the Repub vs. Dem vote percentages were not.

  7. Holly says:

    Just interested. . . aside from Saxon and (obviously) Broun and Barry Fleming, what other names are y’all hearing might jump in?

    Blake had a blog post about Erik Underwood a couple of weeks ago. . . Any others?

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