Legislators looking into Doraville issue

Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee will look into what is going on in Doraville concerning Police Chief John King and the city council.

Here is the e-mail sent out by John Douglas concerning the meeting:

The Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee with House members participating will meet in room 341 of the State Capitol at 10am, September 4, 2007. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the situation involving the Doraville Police Chief and Army National Guard Colonel John King and to hear from those who are involved. An article from the AJC is included with this notice as a synopsis of what has happened.

The committee meeting will not be to determine the guilt or innocence of any party to the dispute. Rather, we will use our position as a forum to try and bring the two sides together for an equitable solution. This will also be an opportunity for both sides to express their positions in an impartial setting.

Interest seems very high in Doraville and in National Guard circles. The meeting will be orderly and we will listen to all sides. It is my hope that both sides can agree to a resolution prior to the meeting or that we can help bring them together to a fair and equitable solution at or after the meeting.

I believe Rep. Jill Chambers and Senator Dan Weber will be in attendance.

Political Insider has information on this as well.


  1. betta says:

    Thanks, Jason!

    And hooray for the senator for his initiative. This could make all the difference in the world, and I’m sure we all hope hope it will have a major big impact on bringing this matter to closure.

    Can make all the difference in the world on the orderliness of that night’s council meeting if something can be worked out so the Chief retains his job — as the majority of citizens and businesspeople want — and somehow let the jokers on council “safe face” — not that they deserve it in a lot of people’s opinions.

  2. Another Voter says:

    Is it true that the 3 City Council members
    who voted to fire Chief John King – and their Sandy Springs attorney – have declined to attend the Senate hearing on Tuesday? Has anyone else heard this?

  3. Another Voter says:

    Rich on DoraBlog tells me they plan to re-fire (is that a word?) John King at the Council meeting on Tuesday.

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