1. Harry says:

    Spacey, I see Nunn is getting lots of publicity. This from NewsMax: …”Former Democratic Sen. Sam Nunn says he is disappointed with the current presidential campaign and is considering a bipartisan or independent run for the White House in 2008….The Georgian said he

  2. Trackboy1 says:

    Which interview did you listen to SG??? There were just as many positive remarks as negative. And if the comments about school kids up there were surprising, it’s just as bad in any southside ATL school. “…the horrors really”. Doug made some valid points. I guess people hear what they want to hear. Weak post by ‘ya. Period.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    TrackBoy, email me when you get a sec: spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net. I’ve got video something up my sleeve, and it ain’t “weak”, and you might want to participate.

  4. Random notes as i listen:

    Doug, Thanks for chiming in from N.Y and thanks to Wilson for bringing his voice back down South. Dang, i only thought i had a fifth generation Southern accent before hearing Wilson. 🙂

    It was curious how Wilson discounted Sam Nunn’s possible independent Presidential run and proposed his own Centrist plan. Care to elaborate?

    What did Wilson mean when he said that if they tap his anger, he’d grab his gun and join them on the green?
    Is this a new game, golfing with guns?

    Wilson’s quote about Ugandan kids not wanting US dollars as tips, due to global devaluation was interesting.

    Thanks to both for addressing the Corporatization of Water.

    Doug is understandably mad at the Georgia Democrats for not standing up to the Republicans. His candid take on them was surprising.

    Doug’s Atlanta Magazine Blog was getting 80,000 hits per month but the money didn’t filter down from management to him. Therefore in order to find a job with Health Care Insurance benefits that would cover people with pre-existing condtions, he had to leave Georgia for New York.

    Doug praises Jim Galloway and Bill Shipp’s journalistic efforts. I second that motion, they seem to be the only ones around here consistently telling it like it is. My only complaint is that they both make me laugh too much while digesting serious stuff.

    Too much wealth concentrated in too few have-more-hands, under the Bush Administration seems to be the main precursors to all problems addressed in the interview.

    Doug seems to be the first one in Ga via NY to use the “Sicko” word.

    Good work Wilson, thank you!

    p.s. Doug, the GDOT war is now centered in Macon-Bibb County, Georgia (USA?) Stay tuned to Georgia Improper and the supplied links. But if you’re not into combining art, appetizers and activism, hang with Rush Limbaugh and the pill hill gang. 🙂

  5. betta says:

    SpaceyG, sounds like New York has workers’ compensation laws just like Georgia.

    Everybody from teachers to textile workers are covered under workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries. No insurers cover on-the-job injuries (if they know it occurred on the job). If you break your leg at home, your health insurance covers the medical costs. If you break your leg at work, it’s got to go through the workers’ compensation process.

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