1. JasonW says:

    He’d be a free man by now if he’d hired Mama! I have her on permanent retainer. She’s a good as she says.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    ROFL! Now ain’t that the truth. The Get Up In Their Faces, Way Up defense. ‘Bout the only hope Vick has left.

    Poor guy. His daddy’s sorryass, out from under a rock, pitiful story in the AJC today just took the whole saga to truly epic proportions. I’m now convinced more than ever that the Steve Hummer (“Homer”) sports dude at the paper is the only writer equipped with the appropriate, uh, vocabulary to do this Vick story, uh, poetic justice.

    In case you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t read Vick’s Daddy’s Tale Of Opportunistic Woe today, here’s the link:

    Only bad part? Hummer didn’t write it.

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