Michael Vick a/k/a “Ookie”

Here’s Vick’s plea agreement (via the AJC).

It’s 22 pages and I haven’t read it in detail but it appears Vick has agreed to cooperate with other dog-fighting investigations and even testify in court. Prosecutors recommend minimum sentence and Vick could receive “downward departure” from the sentence (I suppose if the more he cooperates the less time he serves).

I’m sure there much more to the deal. Perhaps some of you legal beagles can enlighten us.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Vick rolled over like a b*tch.

    Bwahaha…..make book he gets ‘accidentally demised’ when he starts rolling on some of the bigger boyz?

    I’ll also bet a bucket of Toccoa river rocks he will get a years suspension from the NFL, and look like a champ for rooting out the other kennels and syndicates,

  2. debbie0040 says:

    From what I have heard, there is all kinds of criminal activity that goes on at the dog fight besides the fight itself, including drugs.
    When I first heard of the gambling allegations, I wondered if organized crime was somehow involved. Who knows..

    Vick obviously has information that the feds are very much interested in for them to recommend the minimum….

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Rick, you need to read what the NFL’s statement was. Vick is finished playing for the NFL…

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