Challenging Lynn

A tipster tells us there are several people being talked about as challengers to Lynn Westmoreland.

We’ve got Wayne Garner, the mayor of Carrollton.

Jim Butler, an attorney in Columbus.

Shyam Reddy, the former Secretary of State candidate and current attorney.

Last, but not least, is Mike McGraw, Westmoreland’s challenger in 2006.

Folks, say what you want, but Lynn’s seat is safe barring calamity in his personal life.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    We should be doing our dead-level best to see that NO SEAT is ‘safe.’

    If he is ‘safe’, we are not. And that goes for them all.

  2. Painterman says:

    Lynn’s one of the most conservative Congressmen we have. I hope he is safe. Not because he has an R by him name, but because of what he’s doing. We need him there.

  3. Jmac says:

    How large is the district again? One would think someone like the mayor of one of its anchor cities would pose a strong challenge.

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before one of these guys takes Lynn out of that seat. The only way Lynn goes is if he retires or resigns.

    And remember, Rugby, I think it was Thomas Paine (or was it Jefferson?) who said:

    “That government is best which governs least.”

  5. Icarus says:

    Lynn’s there as long as he wants to be there.

    The heart of the district is Fayette and Coweta Counties, which he represented in the State House. The dems ran McGraw last time, who was a Republican turned Democrat from Coweta. He worked hard, ran decent ads, got a lot of signs up, and got 32.4% of the vote.

    Meanwhile, Lynn has developed as a champion of fiscal responsibility that many R’s need to emulate. He’s had a few high profile spending votes where he was a “no” vote, and the other no votes were in the single digits.

    Any attempt to run at Lynn in 08 is to force him to spend money so he can’t get too much of a head start for either Gov or Senate in 2010.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    And a congressman who goes to DC and does nothing except find procedural rules to advance petty partisanship at its worst is called a waste of taxpayers money.

  7. ChuckEaton says:

    I don’t think Brown plans on challenging Lynn. There are some folks considering running for Westmoreland’s seat if Lynn runs for another office, but don’t confuse that with a challenge.

    Garner is politically well connected, but Mayor of Carrollton is a lot less partisan than US Congressman.
    Butler could raise a lot of money through his trial lawyer connections, but is unknown to the general electorate.
    Reddy has proven he can raise a lot of money, but coming in 4th out of 6 candidates in the Dem Primary (with Gail Buckner as the eventual nominee) was a poor showing – especially in light of all the money he raised.
    McGraw lost to Lynn 32% to 68% so he would have to look forward ask himself, “What am I going to do that is radically different from the way I conducted my last campaign?”

    If Lynn chooses to run for re-election he would be very formidable. He’s a strong consevative in a conservative district and beating your previous Democrat opponent by more than a 2 to 1 margin doesn’t exactly paint a target on your back.

  8. CobbGOPer says:

    “And a congressman who goes to DC and does nothing except find procedural rules to advance petty partisanship at its worst is called a waste of taxpayers money.”

    Um, sounds to me like he’s trying not to waste taxpayer money by holding up outrageous spending bills proposed by Democrats who campaigned on a platform of transparency in the earmark process. Yet they continue to pull as much pork for their districts as they can possibly get (see John Murtha).

    I’m so disillusioned. I thought the Democrats were going to be different!

  9. yellowhammer says:

    Garner’s friendship with Lynn would keep him from running even if he had interest in the race, running as a Democrat is also something Garner would be unlikely to consider in the future.

  10. ChuckEaton says:

    I didn’t know Garner was friends with Westmoreland, but in the end I doubt Garner or Butler will end up challenging Lynn in that district – they’re both too smart. I think it was probably wishful thinking on the tipster’s part.

  11. JRM2016 says:

    The only question in this race is are we talking about a primary challenge?

    There is no Democrat alive today that could win this seat with the current composition of the District and Lynn’s current rep as a conservative.

  12. ChuckEaton says:

    I seriously doubt the tipster had a party switch in mind when they mentioned Reddy, Butler or McGraw.

    I belive a primary challenge would be more difficult than a general challenge and doubt a primary challenger could beat McGraw’s 32% general election benchmark. How would you beat Westmoreland in a GOP primary in that district…by trying to run to the right of him?

  13. GeorgiaValues says:

    Lynn is not going to face a serious challenge. Reddy was blown away in his own primary in ’06, Butler is licking his wounds from a nasty divorce, and McGraw would have to be out of his mind to ask for another whipping.

    No credible Republican would even think of getting in a primary with Lynn, Saxby, or any of the GOP Congressmen (except Broun).

  14. joe says:

    “No credible Republican would even think of getting in a primary with Lynn, Saxby, or any of the GOP Congressmen (except Broun).”

    The lesson from Dr Broun’s election was that we do not like what is going on with the established politicians (Congress popularity at 18%). Any credible Republican will have a shot against any incumbent.

  15. shep1975 says:

    The lesson from Broun’s election is that anything can, and often will, happen in a special election. Broun has a lot of time to build real support, but if he thinks his election was some kind of mandate, he runs a real risk of losing next year. Special elections are all about turnout and even more so in off-year special election run-offs.

    I also agree with Chris and others, I would rather have a Congressman who attempts to stop the majority from growing government, regardless of who’s in the majority, than actively helping expand the size of government. Now if we can just get Congress to meet for only 40 days a year…

  16. Inside_Man says:

    I think Broun has a great strategy: a constitutional litmus test! Wish more of them would adopt it. At least now Ron Paul will have a buddy.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Lynn Westmoreland fights earmarks and votes for Jeff Flake’s ammendments to take out earmarks of bills. Not many other GOP Congressmen do that.

    Westmoreland spoke at the Americans for Prosperity meeting and said that the reason the GOP lost control of the House is because of big spending, corruption and earmarks.

    No one will unseat Westmoreland.

    The insteresting thing will be whether or not he chooses to run for Governor if Isakson gets in the race….

  18. IndyInjun says:

    Wow. So there really is another true conservative on the Georgia Delegation. I thought the last one left when Charlie Norwood passed.

    Thanks all for pointing out Westmoreland and his record.

    We need more like him, it would seem.

    As for no credible Republican running against Chambliss, he is not a “credible Republican” himself. He is an impostor as a conservative and as a GOPer.

    Chambliss is emblematic of what is wrong with politics and needs to be kicked out.

    It would be better that the conservatives found the guts to replace him.

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