The 2nd Amendment in Kennesaw

This should make for a good fight.

Kennesaw, which attracted national attention 25 years ago for requiring landowners to own a gun, plans to fight a state law that prohibits local governments from banning firearms in city parks, Mayor Leonard Church said Tuesday.


  1. Rogue109 says:

    The State has no business (although the law does allow them to do so) telling cities what they can and can’t do with their own parks.

    That said, though, it is only the responsible gun owners that would follow such a ban and those are the very people you want armed when “something wicked” goes down.

    I wonder what the Georgia Municipal Association says about this one?

  2. Paul Shuford says:

    The State certainly has business in preventing governments under it’s purview (including cities and other municipalities) from violating the rights of the citizens of the State of Georgia. That is exactly what the State is doing in this case, it’s exactly the same as if the State was preventing racial discrimination or violation of free speech, it’s just not as politically correct.

    I love this quote from Mayor Church in the article:

    “We think we ought to have the right to protect our kids and our citizenry.”

    That’s exactly what legally-permitted citizens carrying guns are trying to do, Mayor Church, and you’re trying to prevent them from doing so, and violating their fundamental rights in doing so. People like Mayor Church shouldn’t be in power.

  3. Ga4Freedom says:

    The State does not have the right to infringe “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”… Under any condiction.. If you are legally licensed to bare arms you have met the “requirements of the state” and therefore not other infingemnts should be place on YOUR RIGHTS as a United States Citizen,,, Period!

  4. Doug Deal says:


    Are you as overcome by Peach Pundit’s endorsement of Ron Paul as I am. Seeing how he appears on every page, Erick must really have strong feelings for him.

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