Taxes Going Up in Bibb County

It figures. I don’t actually think this tax increase was necessary. Sure the Commission comes up with good excuses, but like most locales what it boils down too is the Commission does not want to fire people or make hard choices.

Bibb County commissioners approved a 1 mill property tax increase Tuesday night following the third and final public hearing required by state law whenever a local government is increasing taxes.

Bibb’s previous millage rate was 12.67, with 1 mill equaling about $3.7 million in tax revenue, officials said.

As far as the average taxpayer is concerned, a mill is one dollar for every thousand dollars of assessed property value. Under the county’s new rate of 13.67 mills, a $100,000 home would carry a tax bill of $546.80.

I interviewed Speaker Richardson about his tax proposal yesterday. What he said was, and it was a fair point, property taxes keep going up, exceeding the rate of income growth. I’ve heard that elsewhere and think local governments tend not to pay attention to such issues. They should.

And I just can’t abide a Republican voting for a tax increase. Two of them did on the County Commission.


  1. There are definitive ways to reduce costs without hammering the property owner at every corrner. We’ve heard rhetorical phrases like “making difficult choices” but where? Tough efficiency standards need to be the norm.

    If you recall, before the infamous revaluation went down in flames, several of these commissioners were talking about a “windfall” in the digest. There is no windfall. Its a back door tax increase on everyone who owns property IF they don’t roll back the millage rate.

    We are on the eve of another revaluation which will reflect a significant adjustment in value. Hopefully, the commissioners won’t politicize the process and will allow it to work, then do the right thing, roll back the millage rate. I’m not willing to bet on it.

    Government needs to be adequately funded, but it also needs to get back to its basic mandate to provide for the roadways, fire and police protection and essential services. What is essential? Once these are run effeciently and effectively government needs to let the Free Enterprise System do its thing, and it will.

  2. liberator says:

    Amen Maurice! Police,Fire,Courts,and Roads are all government should fund period. That 2 Republicrats voted for this tax hike makes me proud to be a Libertarian!

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