Child prostitutes on Craigslist?

Mayor Franklin has sent a letter to Craigslist claiming child prostitutes are available on the popular bulletin board.

In a letter sent Tuesday to the company, Franklin said the site could do more to prevent itself from being used “as a means of promoting and enabling child prostitution.” She called on the site to revise its warning on pages for erotic services and personal ads and to remove postings that offer sexual services for sale, among other things.

Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said in an e-mail that she and Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster are in Europe and “neither of us are aware of such a letter so it would not be possible to comment about this.”

Company founder Craig Newmark, who also was mailed Franklin’s letter, no longer is involved in the company’s daily affairs and is traveling, Best said.

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  1. rugby_fan says:

    “Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said in an e-mail that she and Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster are in Europe”

    They just missed Shirley.

    You think she knows about the crime wave in Atlanta and wants to comment on it, even though doing so will hurt her good buddy Chief Penny?

  2. Rick Day says:

    Can we concentrate on violent and property crime and not so much on how we can created some “concerned mayor imaging” buzz by dropping the “C” word where, once again, it has no reason to be?

    Shirley has been spending way to much time in the W4W section of ‘casual encounters’ again.

    When will that woman come out?

  3. Will Hinton says:

    Rick: I’ll get to the point more directly that Bill. Are you suggesting that child sex slavery isn’t a big deal? Did you know that Atlanta is one of the top 10 cities in the world for illegal sex trafficking? And do you care?

    I’m hoping I misunderstood you.

  4. SouthFultonGuy says:


    It’s sad that in their dislike for Shirley Franklin some will give pedophiles a pass and bash her for speaking up in the defense of children.

    To minimize what will be lifelong scaring of a little girl that will impact her interaction with men and perhaps a future husband as being less significant than a property crime is atrocious and outrageous.

    Adults having sex with children by the way is by definition violent dude.

    I don’t know how many of you have a little sister or daughter, but it’s time to move beyond your contempt for the mayor and get in the Amen corner.

    She is on point here folks….

  5. Icarus says:

    Please allow the healing force of Icarus to bring both sides together.

    Compared to Bill Campbell, this woman is a saint. She’s got Atlanta back to the Chicago model, where just enough stealing keeps the trains running on time.

    However, instead of blaming Craig’s list, why not dedicate 1/4 of one officer’s day to catching these pimps and johns in an on-line sting.

    Peachtree City does exactly that, and they’ve nabbed at least 10 child molesters. They admit they could get more, but don’t have the time.

    Instead of blaming Craig, whoever he is, let’s go after the scum that use his free advertising. And I mean both sides of the transaction.

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