1. Know Nothing says:

    HA! I guess all those alcohol awareness classes and the draconian punishments for under age drinking and the implementation of the Plus/Minus system paid off.

  2. Jason O says:

    As much as in I enjoy seeing my Alma Mater ranked in this category, these rankings are inherently flawed. As I recall, the party school rankings are determined by, among other things, arrests involving alcohol and underage drinking. Ever since the People’s Republic of Athens-Clarke County started cross-referencing information with UGA Judicial programs, students who previously had to write essays are now arrested and put on judicial probation.

    As a recent graduate, I would say that the party rate has been exactly the same for the past 6-7 years. Princeton Review definitely jukes the stats for this ranking, indicated by the fact that UGA moves in and out of the top 10 with regular occurence.

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