Questions for the Speaker

I’m going to have the opportunity to talk to Speaker Richardson about the tax plan tomorrow today. If you have any questions about the plan, please put them in the comments here. I’ll be looking prior to the call and will do my best to get the call recorded.


  1. Harry says:

    While I understand that the GREAT plan will help reduce property tax assessor overhead in the counties by replacing with revenue from increased sales tax, among other advantages, can Glenn Richardson give us working people hope that we could look forward to seeing an an actual tax reduction, legislation in the form of lower income tax rates – maybe reduce the current 6% to 3 or 4%?

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Can you bring back the $18 per family property tax rebate check? I was going to order a pizza.

  3. dorian says:

    How can I hook up with a young, hot, blonde lobbyist even though I am middle aged and slightly pudgy?

  4. joe says:

    If county assesor overhead is reduced, how do I buy/sell a house? Am I required to now hire a private assesor? Is this just a transfer of costs from the public in general to the individual?

    Does this plan actually reduce the size of government?

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Mr. Erhart wrote an editorial posted on Peachpundit that extoled HR900, which calls for a Valued Added Tax, while you have been talking about a sales tax. Which is it?

    If HR900 is no longer operative, where can the basis for the tax reform be found and how can interested parties keep pace with developments?

    In either case, won’t there have to be an exemption for manufactured goods, components of manufactured goods and raw materials that go into manufactured goods upon export from Georgia to avoid gutting Georgia industry? (None was seen in HR900.)

    Why should counties growing at faster than average be satisfied by a static local revenue guarantee?

    A primary factor in the rating, and hence the pricing of tax exempt state and local bonds is the fact that they are general obligations, supported by the rights of the governments to seize property for the nonpayment of taxes to the benefit and protection of the bondholder. Won’t the substitution of a sales tax mean higher borrowing costs?

    Given the 90’s fiasco in which GA DOR misaccounted for local taxes AND the tax reform plan’s placing total local revenues in DOR’s hands, is it imprudent to allow the locals to audit DOR?

  6. Harry says:


    I’m afraid Cathy Cox’s “experiment” to relocate the SOS offices to Macon hasn’t worked out very well personnel-wise. Not that the quality of workforce in Atlanta is that much greater, but it’s a bigger pool.

  7. Inside_Man says:

    Ask him if the post-plan, the centralized nature of education funding will be used to attempt a statewide voucher program.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Ask him if he’s going to do any surveys and ask people how would they feel if while getting rid of the property taxes on autos and homes that people would start being charged 4% sales tax on every service they obtained?

    Like, auto-repair, legal services, accounting services, haircutting services, etc.

  9. Icarus says:

    What are you going to do about UGA’s pre-season #5 ranking by the Princeton Review?

    I’m getting really tired of no longer being the number one party school. Heck, we’re third in the SEC!

    Worse yet, we’re second in the SEC East. Behind the Jort wearing Gators again. What the hell are the legislators doing screwing around with the tax code when UGA is behind UF again? Oh right, you’re giving them freaking license plates!

    I’m moving to Mississippi. (#2 nationally, #1 SEC) If you’ve ever been to a tailgate at The Grove, you would understand.

  10. albert says:

    Just tell him to cool his heals and act like a leader not a rebel, or he’s going to nuke the entire ticket in Georgia from top to the bottom. His antics in the ’07 legislative session were childish and reckless.

    If he continues to display his arrogance perhaps we need a new speaker.

    The tax plan should be considered, but it is complete lunacy to jump without the buy in of the people. Right now I doubt if he could make a living selling used cars.

  11. Chris says:


    HB900 & “the GREAT” plan are two different things. IIRC Richardson was trying to call HB900 “Georgia’s FairTax” till Neal Boortz and the AFFT slapped him down on that.

    Glenn’s bill changes everytime I hear about it, but when he presented it to the AFP-GA about a month ago, he did explicitly say that raw materials would not be taxed, only final goods.

    Which brings me to, as a Computer Consultant, would my PC be considered “raw materials” for the service that will be taxed?

  12. midgajim says:

    I’d like to know what he thinks is “Republican” about shifting power away from local government and into the hands of the state?

  13. Rusty says:

    Ditto midgajim’s question.

    How is this not centralizing power in the state’s hands? Why does the state know better than local governments how much revenue local governments need?

    Earl Ehrhart was here a few days ago and acknowledged that the state could change its mind later and decide not to send 100 percent of local government’s earnings back to the local governments. Are we supposed to just take his and the Speaker’s word that that won’t happen?

  14. Steve Garveys Child says:

    Won’t this plan take away all ability of the local governments to react to a local need as it would necessarily force the locals to depend on the whims of state leaders? This plan would have killed Macon as its citizens would have probably been punished for having a stupid mayor who constantly enraged and embarrassed state officials.

    #2 – If this is such a good idea, would the Omniscient One support a federal plan that allowed a bureaucracy to collect money from the entire country and allow just a few to spread it around?

  15. dorian says:

    Lemmie jump in here and answer that jim. Apparently, there is a scale of republicanability. Disliking property taxes ranks higher in republicanability than does not wanting a strong, tyrannical state government. Also, Glen wanting to be a demagogue ranks higher in republicanability than, say, eviscerating county governments. Here is a simple thermostat I made to illustrate.

    Republicanibility Scale.
    1 – Supporting county governments
    2 – Wanting local control over taxes
    3 – Having a “We got our boat ramp” party
    4 – Not trusting the state, who by the way can’t pave roads, to control every revenue stream
    5 -Not enjoying filling out use tax returns and having use tax imputed to your income
    6-Mean, evil, stupid, nasty property taxes
    7-Meandering on about the evils of property taxes
    8-Believing that in a fight between Glenn and the 1980 Chicago Bears, Glenn would win!
    9-Renaming the state from “Georgia” to “Glennia”
    10-Changing the date of Christmas to Glenn’s Birthday

  16. Harry says:

    At our school district mass meeting last February, Rep. Tom Rice promised us that the General Assembly would address tax reduction in the 2008, but not 2007, session. I believe him. He specifically referred to tax reduction, not the swapping of one tax for another.

  17. IndyInjun says:

    Chris Farris: Yes, it seems we are pursuing a moving target, only parts of which are visible.

    I THOUGHT it was ‘HB900’ too, but when I read it again it was a House Resolution.

    Painterman: It was a neat trick for the “FAIR?????”taxers to copyright the term, which is all one word, as it is in the actual bill. One would HOPE that this was not an attempt to forestall critics or intimidate them with threats of copyright infringement. AH, it seems Boortz is already using that tactic on Richardson.

    As an aside, by labeling the BILL the “Fairtax” Act, people are free to attack THEM and it at will.

  18. Chris says:

    Indy – good point. The speaker’s plan is a Constitutional Amendment, and as such would be an HR.

  19. rugby_fan says:

    EE: Speaker Richardson, you’ve made it appear that you don’t like pork. Would you care to explain what did BBQ do to you, and, how you can still claim to be for Georgia’s values, if you don’t support the ‘que.

  20. rugby_fan says:

    EE: Par 4, you’ve hit your tee shot. 200 yards from the hole. Creek in front of the green. Lay up, or use a fairway wood to get on the green?

  21. rugby_fan says:

    EE: Mister Richardson, we’ve been doing research into this for months now at Peach Pundit and can’t find any information on this. Do you know when and where Paul Broun will be sworn in to congress?

  22. drjay says:

    mr. speaker you have done a wonderful job in the historic role of first gop speaker since reconstruction. thank you for all your hard work and keep fighting the good fight, we are all very lucky to have you looking out for us.

  23. Cracker says:

    When will he have illustrations as to how his tax plan affects the average person?

    Show me how this thing actually works.

    A family earning $XX currently pays into the system $Y, under this new plan the average family earning the same amount will pay into the system $Z. It’s a decrease/increase.

    What’s in it for me?

  24. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Will you commit to holding a vote to place the time-honored art of Noodling within the protective bounds of the State constitution?

  25. drjay says:

    mr. speaker, you have had such an exciting and fulfilling political career, what advice do you have for young adults interested in the political process?

  26. drjay says:

    mr. speaker, all of georgia is proud to have you fighting for them, do you think you can break your predecessors longevity record?

  27. drjay says:

    i mean murphy of course not coleman–whose record i suppose you have already broken w/ your true and steady leadership…

  28. drjay says:

    just one more–mr. speaker you have a great reputation for being tough but fair, in light of yesterday’s discussions what method of execution do you prefer for micheal vick?

  29. eehrhart says:

    With a FIVE iron……… Rugby….. inside 10 feet thanks for asking…………………..Move it out to 250 and we will talk TIN CUP

  30. rugby_fan says:

    Very well Earl very well.

    I’m not up to par with the Speaker’s golfing ability and just assumed he would be a sub par golfer (like my self) and need the extra power.

  31. eehrhart says:


    If that was the Speaker then it would have been fairway wood , wedge in the water, then on the green for a six.

    Yep I am now chair of journals………….

  32. rugby_fan says:

    Good to know you are an independent bloke who isn’t afraid to alert the world about the Speaker’s golfing inadequacies.

    And to clear up confusion “EE” meant Erick Erickson, although, I see no reason Earl Ehrhart couldn’t answer the tough questions I submitted.

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