No more secret meetings. That goes for you too Stan Wise.

What’s up with Stan Wise? The PSC voted 4 to 1 to prohibit secret meetings between the PSC and utility companies that have business before the PSC.

Stan Wise voted against open government. His cover is that Mr. Baker’s residency is being challenged. But, as the Attorney General’s Office correctly interpreted the law, if Mr. Baker is subsequently removed from the PSC, it will not nullify the vote.

Still, Wise voted against it. If you ask me, it’s because someone else on the PSC opposed it, but didn’t want to do so publicly. So Wise hoped to get Baker to not vote, which would have brought it down 3-1 and Wise could have probably then persuaded one of the three to make it 2 to 2, thereby killing it.


  1. jm says:

    OK, it does not shock me that someone in government does NOT want to be accountable to his constituency. What makes no sense is that Wise tried to block the vote because of the Baker thing, because the vote could later be contested. So basically saying, no decisions should be made for, oh, about a year. In that case, if we can do without it for a year, why even have a PSC?

  2. Icarus says:

    Rudy is in favor of closed door meetings, as long as he can hold a press conference afterward that totally surprises his current wife about thier divorce.

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