Save the Date(s)

I opened up the latest edition of the Political Bandwagon yesterday to learn that the Jimmy Carter Political Items Collectors (CPIC) will be holding their annual convention in Plains, September 21-23.

Registration costs $5 per person and registration forms can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

I’m looking for a couple of Jimmy Carter items so I might just drop by for one of the days.

NB: Anyone know when Congressman-Elect Broun will be sworn in?

(Interjection: If anyone has any Georgia, or southern political items they’d like to sell or trade, feel free to drop me a line. I collect almost anything).


  1. Bill Arp says:

    booby – no one wants any of your stuff…keep you stuff and your political leproacy to yourself…you have done enough damage the political system…stay away..

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