1. meaculpa says:

    Bill Shipp is as relevant to today’s politics as a can of white albacore tuna that’s date has expired. He plays no role in civil, constructive political discourse. His incentive, whether directed at Sonny or Glenn, is never based in fact – just pure bitterness, hatred and spite. His columns were once amusing perhaps, now just sad; his pen flows with cynicism and resentment. That Morris and Towery publish his ramblings is a disservice to their readers.

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    Regardless of your feelings about Shipp, he is still very relevant for the simple fact that his column appears in more newspapers than any other column in the state .
    Also for some of the smaller papers he is their only real statewide political commentary they get a chance to read.

  3. meaculpa says:

    That’s sad if the only political commentary small town readers get is Shipp’s Crusty-the-Clown, cynical, personal potshots and vicious vendettas.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Shipp is engaging in something his old editors at the AJC would have never allowed, namely reporting undocumented rumors. The Democrats had no facts to back up their allegations about Richardson so they dropped it, yet they live on in Bill Shipp’s silly columns.

    Glenn Richardson should be wishing for the demise of washed up hacks like Bill Shipp rather than bloggers.

  5. dogface says:

    Shipp is one bitter old man.

    Am I the only one who thinks Shipp intentionally includes the fact that the Speaker was traveling with his press secretary (a woman), hoping the reader

    — having just read his words: “the speaker engaged in improper conduct with a corporate lobbyist who turned out to be a leggy blonde” —

    would read more into that professional relationship than exists?

    If so, Shipp is pure sleaze.

  6. Common Sense says:

    Towery wrote about a “powerful GOPer’s” lobbiest stocked bar and flat screen tv. Maybe there is a reason he posts shipp.

  7. gatormathis says:

    I’ve been tired of all this b*ll shi** writing for the last few years.

    Is there a real “story” or just more ancedotes imagined away at someone else’s expense, exaggerated to the utmost with metaphor and hyperbole.

    He has reverted to simple “somebody said” stories, but more are just written as fictional ramblings, essays used to run down his Republican “nemesis” of the week.

    I’m sorry his revolving door at the Capitol stopped spinning, and that his Governor’s Mansion key has negated itself, but who wants something that cynical and slimey slithering up and down their halls.

    For the last several years he will start an article with a mesmerizing glee, and about middle ways into it you begin to figure out who he is dishing it out to before he finishes.

    He skirts accusations without enough truth or direct insuations to “legally” connect him in a libel or slanderous way. Then he even “distorts” his story enough to employ satire as a “get out” when he needs to.

    He reminds me of ole Willie B. at the zoo, flipping banana peels through his bars until the intended passerby slips and falls on one.

    This activity may infatuate his fans, but it just looks like the same ole b*ll shi** to me……..

  8. I think some of you guys are conveniently overlooking three central issues in the column:

    1) “He tossed out a blockbuster a few weeks ago – a total overhaul of Georgia’s tax system that would abolish property taxes, raise sales taxes and reduce local officials to high-priced ribbon cutters. Richardson and his minions would take care of collecting taxes and dispersing the revenue statewide.”

    2) “The program, to be known as Glenn’s BRIDGE, was so colossal that most local educators were left speechless when they heard about it. For a moment, school boards forgot Glenn the Idea Guy was about to take away their taxing powers.”

    3) “Nothing came of the Democratic-inspired misconduct charge against the Idea Guy. He controlled the ethics panel that threw the accusations into the wastebasket.”

    I guess you guys also missed Mr Shipp’s previous 11/8/06 column titled. “A closet Republican offers advice to the Democratic Party”


  9. Icarus says:

    It’s either Natalie Moorhead or Grace Hayle. They just don’t make gams (or Talmadges) like they used to, anymore.

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