Prayers for Charlie Bailey

Charlie’s son Kevin informs me that Charlie had a heart attack this weekend. Charlie will have to have surgery, but is fighting an infection, which is slowing things down. He is in the hospital, but out of CCU.

All our best and prayers for he and his family.


  1. Mark Rountree says:

    Charlie is as good a person as there is. He is very unusual for a guy in politics – humble, giving and a gentleman.

    For those who don’t know, he carried the banner as the GOP Secretary of State nominee in 2002. Best wishes to him.

  2. GOPeach says:

    Charlie Bailey has been my friend for many years. The judge & I love you Charlie and we certainly have you in our prayers.

    Yes- Mark – you are right- Charlie is very humble and I voted for him as SEC every time his name was on the ballot .

  3. kevin35 says:

    This evening Charlie was resting and the family was regrouping, Charlie was taking from CCU due to the lack of fluid on the lungs. It took one painful week to clear the lungs but his health is still very weak. The only thing he likes to talk about is the Falcons and politics. The neuro held a pen and my dad said it was a campaign pen. The open heart surgery is set for the end of the week but he has some scars on the heart and the Doctors are worried it may not work or he could have another one in a couple of months or hecks years from now. They told him he needed to rest after the operation and he turned to me and said my boy will take my spot in politics. I thought he adopted Newt for a second or Fred but I laughed. He is at St. Joseph and would love to hear from people his room is 388. I will learn more Monday from his Doctors and will keep you posted. Keep him in your prayers and only good will come.



  4. Rpolitic says:

    You and your family are certainly in our prayers. Your dad is probably one of the kindest people I ever dealt with in politics. He always had a joke and a smile. There are not many like him, humble enought to talk to any group, and committed enough to keep putting his message out there. He may not have won but the folks who had to run against him heard what he said and he got a lot accomplished that has made this state a better place for us all.

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    Charlie is a good man who was a heck of a lot of fun to be around on the campaign trail. To second Rpolitic, not just the folks who ran against him heard what he said – we all did.

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