Local paper endorses Nunn

The Rome News-Tribune has endorsed Sam Nunn for President:

THIS NEWSPAPER hereby endorses Sam Nunn for president of the United States, thus probably becoming the first daily in the nation to commit to anybody.
NOTED FOR HIS bipartisan approach, as well has his expertise in military/defense matters, he has constantly been speculated upon as a secretary of defense, secretary of state, vice presidential candidate and even presidential contender.

Indeed, it is apparently his irritation at the current Washington atmosphere of partisanship, rather than cooperative efforts to make the nation better, that have fueled his new, tentative interest.


  1. David says:

    I’m about as die-hard a republican as there is…but I’d vote for Nunn in a second! Put Zell on that ticket as the veep and you’d have a true common sense political dream team!

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Of course, he would be the kind of candidate Hillary would love to enter the race to get southern white voters to destroy any chance for the Republicans to win the Whitehouse.

  3. Archibald Bulloch says:

    Yeah, in fact, he would draw enough Southern whites to split the vote with the Republican and help Hillary carry some Southern states (Georgia, both Carolinas, Tennessee) as Bill did in 1992.

  4. profg says:

    To counter any Hillary worries, why not just have Zell run for President… as a Democrat?

    All the Republicans can cross over to vote in Dem primaries for Zell, and completely confound the pundits (Peach or otherwise). Hey, the GOP nomination is supposed to be sewn up by February now, right?


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