Why Saxby and Johnny were right to oppose SCHIP expansion.

Snuggles (is that what we’re going to call him?) took Senator Chambliss to task recently for voting against the Democrats’ proposed expansion of the State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Snuggles said:

“This is another example of Saxby Chambliss showing more allegiance to President Bush than to providing Georgia


  1. Common Sense says:

    The whole point of the year waiting period is so that those with private insurance don’t move to public. Isn’t that what you guys want?

    SCHIP has always “allow[ed] the states to lay off most of the cost of the program onto the federal government.” The program is a 70/30 split based on the poverty level of the state.

    And if you’d read what you’d posted you’d note that “The House provision makes the documentation requirement optional.” How very odd, I thought Chambliss was a Senator?

    This is why governing is imposible. You guys are too lazy to find out anything about SCHIP then take a few points out of context and call it a bad bill. The House bill is clearly too much but the main thrust of the Senate bill is to provide coverage for those currently eligable by poneying up enough cash.

  2. Paladin8 says:

    ” The House bill is clearly too much but the main thrust of the Senate bill is to provide coverage for those currently eligable by poneying up enough cash.”

    I assume you mean *ineligible* enough to pony up enough cash for healthcare?

    SCHIP was designed to provide healtcare for *poor* families whose income is above the poverty line, but still not enough to pay for their *children’s* healthcare. Why highlight those two words?

    Well, if this bill becomes law kids in some states will be able to collect insurance until they are 25. And some poor families that earn as much as $82,500 will get free healthcare. This bill encourages some families to drop their private coverage.

    Not to mention this program would be funded by taxes on those evil, mean tobacco users. Well, tobacco use is already on the decline and this will only give smokers a greater incentive to quit. Uh oh, what happens when the tax revenue tapers off? If anyone suggests the requirements are tightened or the program scrapped, the Dems will become apoplectic. After all, this program is FOR THE “POOR CHILDREN”!

    So basically, Saxby and Johnny voted against an incrimental move towards universal healtcare in this country. Remember that come 2008 (Saxby) and 2010 (Johnny).

  3. Common Sense says:

    Does anyone know how bills become law? There is a Senate version and a House version. Then a confrence. Stop talking about the House version to explain why SaxJohn voted the way they did.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Right, the program now costs about 6 a year. In 6 years we’ll spend 6 billion more to insure millions upon millions of kids currently eligable but not covered. If SaxJohn don’t want to insure kids, that’s fine. Say it. Don’t avoid the issue by exploiting flaws in the House bill.

    And no, I meant eligable. There are currently eligable, but there is not enough funding. For example see the PeachCare freeze in GA. These are kids at 235% of FPL.

  5. Paladin8 says:

    Are you dense?

    SCHIP bill voted on in the SENATE gives insurance benefits to “poor” “children” in some states at 400% of the poverty level, until they reach 25 years of age.

    Our SENATORS (you know, they guys that represent us in the SENATE) voted against a SENATE bill that was massive step toward socialized medicine, not against Georgia’s kids.

    Back when PeachCare went under earlier this year both of our SENATORS tried to get emergency funding, but the democrats didn’t want to give 2 Republicans they despise a win.

    By the way, did I mention that this whole time I’ve be referencing the SENATE version of the bill?

  6. GOPeach says:

    S-Chip is Socialized EDU on steriods.

    Thank God the guys are actually READING the fine print. We learned our lesson with NCLB didn’t we?

    I say we should take all the SCHIP & NCLB surplus and spend it on PARENTS to get paid for going to PTA meetings otr at least provide the family dinner on PTA night-

    Just think … the family having all you can eat pizza and soda at the PTA meetings – That would help more than buying mor TRAILERS and lap tops.

    Don’t get me started… 🙂

    Kudos to the GA BOYS in DC!

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