Gator tags are on the way.

This is hilarious.

The Gator alumni club in Atlanta has gone through the specialty licensing process like the University of Florida football and basketball teams tore through opponents during the past year: very quickly.

The state has quickly approved a specialty Gator tag and is now awaiting 1,000 applicants willing to put up $25 apiece to get the plates made and onto Gatormobiles.

Within about a week, the club is already more than half-way to its goal.

“The level of excitement and enthusiasm is really off the charts right now,” said Jeffrey Hester, an Alston & Bird lawyer and Gator grad who volunteered to help on the license plate project.

How long before there are more UF plates in Georgia than UGA plates?

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  1. Icarus says:


    It’s sad to see how many Tech folks have to use the jean-short wearing cheeseballs from UF to take out their frustrations on UGA.

  2. Jas says:

    It’s not as much sad, as it just is pathetic.

    But then again, if I was as inferior as the North Avenue Trade School, I would try to find every avenue I could to gain joy. God knows, a lifetime in mid-level IT management is bad enough.

  3. Icarus says:

    No hard feelings, Buzz. We know it’s all Tech fans have.

    I’m still hoping to attend Spacey’s seminar so that I can learn how to build my own Buzz Brockway. Though I’m sure the novelty of having one will wear off soon.

  4. In the loop says:

    What the DMV is not telling you is that you’ll have to go to Jacksonville to get the plates. The good news, though, is you’ll get Thursday and Friday off to drive down there.

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