Toga! Toga!

Was it over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Young Republicans are descending on Rome this weekend for Drunken Debauchery a quarterly board meeting.

You can read all about it here.

Updated to ad:
Cong. Phil Gingrey, Rep. Katie Dempsey, Rep. Martin Scott & Sen. Preston Smith will be speaking. There will also be a Party hosted by Regan Lester, wife of nationally syndicated political cartoonist Mike Lester, at their home and Tickets to the Rome Braves rafting, golf and much more.


  1. Dave Helmick says:

    I’ll see you all there. Thanks ahead of time to Steven Turner, Jason Shepherd, and all others who have made this possible.

  2. shep1975 says:

    This is the first time anyone in Rome can remember a state GOP event of any kind has choosen Rome as its host. We’re looking forward to a great weekend. Anyone is welcome to attend. There is a little business that needs to be conducted, but most of the weekend will be spent enjoying the company of fellow Republicans.

    Anyone can get in on the action by registering, even if you are not active in a YR club, of YR age or even have never heard of the YRs.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Hmmm….: “…enjoying the company of fellow Republicans.”

    AND…”Anyone can get in on the action…”

    Oooh. Will the cameras be rolling for a new video series titled “YRs Gone Wild?”

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