The Lucas Dynasty Comes Tumbling Down

David and Elaine Lucas are two of the most prominent Macon political figures. Elaine has been on City Council in Macon for two decades. David has been in the State Legislature since Methuselah walked the earth.

And they have championed the Macon parking lot hotel.

They have also championed Willette Hill-Chambliss, the lady who pushed the hotel through City Council with Elaine Lucas pulling the strings.

Today, the voters of Macon decisively defeated Hill-Chambliss and reputed the Lucas machine in the process. Even Elaine Lucas’s home precinct and the precinct in which the hotel will be built voted for Miriam Paris over Hill-Chambliss in a roughly 70-30 breakdown.

Humorously, David Lucas made a last minute political recording that went out to black voters urging them to go vote for Hill-Chambliss to make sure North Macon Republicans (code for

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