Even more Bad Newz for Vick.

Now Michael’s all alone.

Purnell Peace, 35, of Virginia Beach, has a plea hearing scheduled for Thursday in Richmond federal court at 9 a.m., while Quanis Phillips, 28, of Atlanta, has a plea hearing set for Friday at the same time. The hearings showed up Monday on U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson’s docket.

The third co-defendant, Tony Taylor, 34, of Hampton, pleaded guilty July 30 and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their case against Vick. Just days earlier, Taylor had joined Vick and the others in pleading not guilty.

Vick, meanwhile, plans to keep fighting the charges.

“We are very surprised about the pleas from Peace and Phillips but this will not affect us in moving forward with our case,” said Collins R. Spencer III, a spokesman for Vick’s attorneys.

I’m not a lawyer and I didn’t sleep and a Holiday Inn Express but it might be time for Mr. Vick to take whatever deal they’re offering.

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  1. Icarus says:

    I’m mike vick, and I’m sitting around thinking,

    “Ray Lewis killed a man and the Buckhead bar district, and he got SuperBowl MVP. No way am I going to jail over a few mutts. After all, I’m Mike Vick.”

    He’ll probably still be thinking that for at least his first 18 months in jail.

  2. jm says:

    It could be:

    A.) Michael Vick is the target and so no deal will be offered.

    B.) Michael Vick has paid his buddies mucho dinero to take the fall and not rat on him, so he gets exonerated and keeps making millions, and doles out a few million to his pals, who spend some time in jail and then are set for life.

    C.) Both of the above.

    D.) None of the above.

  3. gatormathis says:

    Some plausible defenses:

    1) My hands ain’t bit, so you must aquit.

    2) Them boyzs are lying.

    3) No YouTube hits, so you must aquit.

    4) I only rented them the house for the weekend.

    5)They weren’t AKC pits, so you must aquit.

    6) I really was at Disney World those weekends.

    7) Awe sh**, please man, please aquit.

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