Overrated and Underrated candidates.

From the Political Wire:

Political Wire got an advance look at the National Journal


  1. Doug Deal says:

    If Peach Pundit had a recommended feature, I would definitely click it for this one buzz. That is a very interesting poll.

    The fact that Rudy is leading nationally, and was not listed as being over-rated is good for him. I made my comments clear about Fred? recently in an attempt to point out how bad his strategy really is.

    People do pay attention. Not Joe Random Voter, but the people who help shape the opinion of Joe Random Voter. If something is overly hyped, and nothing is delivered to justify the hype, the consequences are worse than if it was never hyped in the first place.

    Fred?’s numbers show that people are disappointed by the hype machine that served him so well in the early part of his non-announcement.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    I forgot, and you are right. But don’t athletes usually compete in friendlies, pre-seasons, or minor events before the big stuff happens, as opposed to training in isolation?

  3. Inside_Man says:

    Fred? (I like that) is becoming somewhat of a mystery. Why the non-announcement and the three campaign managers? Apparently he is trying to flesh out a detailed platform before he declares, as well as was waiting on an old friend to become available to run his campaign.

  4. Inside_Man says:

    It’s too bad that Romney didn’t get higher numbers for being overrated. The more I see that guy, especially on TV, the more he leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He looks very uncomfortable having to be around real people. Additionally, his proposed foreign policy, which is published in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, is moronic at best. It is published next to Obama’s, which is equally vapid, but at least Obama’s sounds good. If Romney is elected, we can expect more of the same as far as our external relations go, perhaps even a little less inspired than now, if that is possible.

  5. Doug Deal says:


    He lost in Rocky 1 as well. By Rocky 3, he was due to lose, because he got complacent after everyone hyped him as being unbeatable.

    In Rocky 1 and 2, he was also the scrappy underdog, not the favorite. Rocky 4 was an exhibition bout, since it was not officially recognized by the sanctioning body.

  6. CHelf says:

    Rasmussen, who was showing Fred ahead nationally, now shows him dropping down faster than McCain. I guess leaving people hanging and revolving doors for campaign managers doesn’t help your numbers.

  7. TPSoCal says:

    You know I got all excited about Huckabee, but the more I learn about him, the more I think he is another big-government conservative. It would almost be like re-electing Bush. I want something different! No more Bush’s, no more Clinton’s for at least one cycle.

    I am hopeful that Thompson will be more like a traditional conservative. I don’t know, I will just have to wait and see.

    BTW – Thompson is probablt waiting for the broadcast cycle to end for Law & Order. Once the new season begins, NBC will stop re-running episodes from the 2006 – 2007 season. NBC already paid for exclusive broadcast rights through August. Dick Wolf Productions would then be forced to reimburse NBC some of the license fee, which would then reduce residuals for the other actors. Fred would hurt a lot of other people financially if he enters the race before the cycle ends. He really has no choice unless he wants to hurt others.

  8. Doug Deal says:


    Yeah, those Hollywood types would certainly be hurting without those residuals. I hear that when the check arrives on Friday, they have already bought all the lottery tickets and booze they need to get them through the weekend by midnight.

    It’s so good of Fred? to look out for the little guys.

  9. TPSoCal says:

    Do you know the hardest part of being a Republican in Hollywood? When I’m with Republicans, I get crap for working in Hollywood and when I am with my co-workers, I get crap for being Republican. Oh well, it’s the cross I bear. 🙂

  10. souldrift says:

    I’m a “leftie” Democrat who likes Huckabee.. he doesn’t talk down to his opponents. I wish more politicians were like him (and more right-wing radio hosts..but that’s another story).

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