1. Icarus says:

    I don’t live near the 10th, and except for a few saturdays each fall, rarely go there. Point being, I’m an outsider with no dog in this hunt.

    The Augusta area powers that be need to take a real, hard look at this one. They’re used to having thier congressman. They’re used to controlling a lot under the gold dome with high profile committe chairmanships.

    They might want to decide if it is worth sacrificing one of the few party leaders the area has left over hurt pride and to recover from how poorly they bungled their last attempt to maintain power.

  2. Chris says:


    There are so many problems under the Gold Dome, could you elaborate as to which one(s) Fleming is part of?

  3. Fleming doesn’t have a chance…Athens is already in love with Paul Broun as of his first vote, and 30%of Augusta voted against political establishment Whitehead…

    Look Chris, I don’t think Rudy pro choice Giuliani’s point man Fleming is going to win when all he has is a record of leading a corrupted GA Republican craucus.

    “He aint white, hell he aint even old timey.” I’m with Jason. I’m for Broun from here on out, unless he becomes a flake like Fleming’s crowd.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Despite the Koolaid that GOPeach is serving you guys, Broun didnt beat Whitehead. Whitehead beat himself. “On the live interview, Fleming

  5. Icarus says:

    Despite having Norwood’s staff on his side, there was no incumbant in the last election.

    There will be next time.

    It is very difficult to take out a sitting congressman in a primary.

    Folks that underestimated Broun (or over-estimated Whitehead) can be forgiven by Broun the first time, but know they won’t be the second time. Broun will be the establishment candidate in 2008.

  6. You guys are crazy if you think Broun is a shoe in. Nobody took the guy seriously and when you’ve got serious issues (as Broun does) that’s a great thing. Now he’s a Congressman, so by definition he’ll be taken more seriously than a fringe candidate.

    Someone from the Augusta area, whether it is Whitehead, Fleming, Bob Young or otherwise is going to dig into Broun’s personal record and start discovering things…like why he only does house calls…and they will combine that with his votes, such as in favor of legal marijuana usage and be able to put a pretty competitive campaign together.

    I mean, you guys on this blog may be in favor of medical maryjane but you aren’t exactly the average Georgia Republican primary voter either.

  7. In the loop says:

    “Athens is already in love with Paul Broun …”

    Not so much. Given the choice between two Republicans, they picked the one who didn’t want to blow them up, rather than stay home.

    Athens Dems will not be crossing over to the Republican primary to vote for Broun in ’08, and they will back whatever sacrificial lamb the DPG puts up against him in the general.

    If I were Broun I would forget about fickle Athens and focusing on making lots of friends in Augusta, fast.

  8. Icarus says:

    Again, no dog in this fight.

    And it’s not a certain re-election, but it is now Broun’s seat to lose. And yes, the medical marijuana vote may be the beginning of that process for him.

    If there’s going to be a serious primary challenge, it does need to start now. That will keep at least some of the establishment money on the sidelines before Broun becomes too entrenched in the fund raising machine.

  9. landman says:

    Barry Fleming is a good guy and would make a great Congresman.Jason you obviously dont know Barry,considering your bonehead description of him in your opening post.If the good people are fortunate enough to have him become their congressman,they will be better off for it!!!!

  10. Jason Pye says:

    This state will immediately improve as soon as the unholy trilogy of Glenn Richardson, Jerry Keen and Barry Fleming are out of Georgia politics.

  11. GOPeach says:

    Barry Barry Barry –

    Sweetie – You are doing a great job with Earl and Glenn and them… c-mon Angel –

    Don’t be so …… snarky.

    All I am saying is … Give Peace a Chance!

  12. eburke says:

    Congressman Bround is a true conservative and alot of folks in Augusta are falling in love with him too. Unfortunately the Repubican leadership was embarassed and got its feelings hurt when Whitehead lost.
    Barry Fleming is doing a good job for his district and the Augusta area in the General Assembly. He is in a great place to make a difference in this State. He doesn’t need to throw that away.

  13. Icarus says:

    I’d really like someone to tell me when and where I can watch Congressman Broun get sworn in. I’d really like to see that soon just in case he doesn’t make it back in 08.

  14. dingleberry says:

    Barry Fleming is a good guy and would make a great Congresman.Jason you obviously dont know Barry,considering your bonehead description of him in your opening post.If the good people are fortunate enough to have him become their congressman,they will be better off for it!!!!

    I wonder if there is a current GOP legislator whose a$$ Landman hasn’t kissed…

    Wake up, Landman! 95% of the GOP representatives and senators are 100% worthless. Flemming included.

  15. profg says:

    Icarus, Broun was sworn in on 7/25. I’ve got the C-SPAN of it Tivo’d, if you’d like to come watch. Bring the popcorn. 🙂


  16. Holly says:

    Oh dear. Chris, we need to write this one down as a red-letter date: We agree. And I agree with Blake. Dear Lord, is the sky falling yet? 🙂 (It’s all said with a smile, guys, so no worries. We can get back to normal on the next thread.)

    There’s much to use against Paul Broun – and I’m referring to things he’s handed any Republican challenger since being sworn in, not the stuff from before. Those who have been paying attention likely realize I’m not just talking about the Hinchey Amendment vote.

    But actually, let’s discuss the Hinchey Amendment. Whether or not you agree with Broun’s vote, it didn’t fit the district, and it has been a huge deal here. Someone made a point right after the election on Peach Pundit that was a very true statement about the 10th. Ralph Reed won this district in 2006. Why? The conservative Christian vote is big here. One of the ways Broun won in 2007 was by placing the conservative Chrisitan card. Now that he has that voting record. . .

    There will be some Democrat running in the 10th next time, I’m fairly sure. Who it will be, I don’t know. But the fact is that if there are other contested primaries in the Athens-area for other races, there will be no significant cross-over. So Broun can’t count on the Athens Democrats. And now he may not be able to count on the Christian conservatives.

    Blake is definitely right. Broun does need to be making friends in Augusta. I’m not sure who martinlutherstreet is referring to, because I don’t know a lot of people who are really happy right now here with Broun. Obviously we run in very different circles.

    What happens if Barry runs? Well, there are quite a few folks in the county who are capable of being good state reps should Barry decide to run for Congress. Columbia County is fortunate in that respect. I don’t think we’ll be poorly represented if Barry stays in his current position or not.

  17. bowersville says:

    Two competitive campaigns are possible in the 10th. One, the Republican primary. Two, the general election if Broun is the nominee and the Democratic nominee is of the caliber of Senator Jim Webb or Georgians Marshall and Barrow.

    A Republican challenger would realize now is the time to be out in the district speaking to all available audiences.

    There is a growing concern among rural Republicans that the Democrats are coming after this seat and I’m hearing we would be better off with “anybody but Broun.”

  18. Holly says:

    Bowersville, I’m curious. Who’s saying stuff like that? Is it the party folks or is it just the everyday people where you live?

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