Pay attention Legislators

There’s been a conviction in Milledgeville for violating election laws.

A Milledgeville city councilman and one of his campaign advisers violated multiple state laws during the 2005 city elections, according to a recent judicial decision.

Councilman Richard Mullins committed three violations of the state’s election code, while his friend and campaign worker Larry Simmons violated the code a total of eight times, the decision said.

State administrative law Judge Stephanie M. Howells, who presided over the hearing for the two men in May, recommended that Mullins and Simmons pay a $2,500 fine for each of their violations and reimburse the state for its costs related to the investigation and hearing.

These involved, in part, absentee ballots. Its’ great that there was a conviction, but I wonder how much goes on that does not get caught. Kudos to the GOP for attempting to stop election day fraud. But, we can’t forget absentee ballot fraud.

UPDATE: A friend points out that the legislature did, finally, after lots of pushing by Karen Handel, actually make absentee ballot tampering a felony. Glad Karen was there to push them on this one step in the right direction.

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  1. Roadkill says:

    Come on, the only “fraud” political parties are interested in stopping involves votes for the opposing party. That’s the reason for the Rs voter ID effort, aimed at nonexistant voting booth fraud, while treating proven absentee ballot fraud with kid gloves.

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