1. MidGaDawg says:

    Ellis said today he sent the proclamation not only in his capacity as mayor of Macon but also as the vice president for tourism for the World Conference of Mayors.

    But what about his duties as honorary-consul-designate of Uganda?

  2. His mash note to Hugo Chavez is enough to tar him with. What difference does it make if he’s Muslim though?

    Incidentally, when he announced his conversion, I Googled to find out if there were any Halal (a.k.a Kosher for Muslims) groceries around Macon. I couldn’t find any. What does he eat?

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Why eat Nu-Way when Five Guys is in Macon? That’s like choosing a KFC sammich over Chic-Fil-A.

  4. all the Kashruthed food is on the third aisle over from the produce aisle at Kroger, Tom Hill Sr Boulevard. i know how much influence we yield around here and i ain’t trying to squash an industry but the gefilte fish is to die for or from, i still wasn’t sure until about 48 hours after my last Seder. I’m sticking to sushi, which reminds me it’s suppertime.

  5. liberator says:

    As the duly elected Mayor of 9 North Macon precints I won as the Libertarian Write-In Candidate in 2003 I hereby declare that we have no solidarity with enemies of personal and economic liberty such as Chavez!

  6. MidGaDawg says:

    Vic, kosher and halal aren’t exactly the same (but close), though Kroger may carry both. Of course, I doubt Hizzoner Hakim cares — gin is strictly NOT allowed for Muslims.

  7. jm says:

    socialist, populist, communist, fascist… they are just labels. Is he providing a service for his people? I don’t agree with the way he runs his country, but he seems to work for them. He even has helped a few people in our country when they could not get assistance from our gov’t.

    Citgo is a Venezuelan company…we get a lot of oil from Mr. Chavez, and don’t have to travel as far to get it. Working with him instead of against him may be in our best interests.

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