1. drjay says:

    i realize there are likely some shenanigans going on here–but doesn’t the chief serve at the pleasure of the council?

  2. drjay says:

    i understand that grift-and personally think it seems reasonable-but my father is a police chief in a relatively small s.e. ga town and i’m fairly certain he has no contract and “serves at the pleasure of the mayor and council” which i understand to mean he can be let go for just about any reason or even no reason at all. hence the question i asked–that may vary from place to place

  3. MidGaDawg says:

    Even if someone serves “at the pleasure”, they still (I would think) get the usual protections everybody gets — for anti-discrimination, whistleblowers, and in this case, military. He could be fired for any reason, except those.

  4. bowersville says:

    J Tom has ‘um cowered now because of that pesky federal law preventing them from dismissing the chief and the cause being the chief’s active military service.

    And the dust will settle on all this firing the chief for military service and about 3-4 months from now the council will dismiss the chief for cause or simply dismiss him, because it’s their pleasure to do so.

  5. DMZDave says:

    “Doraville, it ain’t much but its home”

    The City Council of Doraville passed a motion demonstrating very clearly that they have no appreciation for the sacrifice their chief has made on behalf of us all. The burden for fighting the war in Iraq is obviously being shouldered by too few Americans. While the Chief was dodging IEDs and suicide killers, the council went about their lives in the lap of luxury – OK, Doraville isn’t much but it beats the hell out of Baghdad. No pain, no sacrifice and they are apparently not willing to put up with the minor sacrifice they were asked to make. Fortunately, the Mayor broke the code and did the right thing. When the dust settled from the law suit that would have inevitably been filed, Doraville would have lost and paid the back salary for the fired chief anyway, reinstate him and still have to pay the salary of the guy who replaced him in the meantime.

    “Friends of mine, say I should move to New York. New York’s fine, but it ain’t Doraville.”

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