The Hotel is coming

Unless Miriam Paris wins on Tuesday, thereby having enough votes on City Council to stop this thing when the new Council convenes, the Macon Boondoggle Hotel is coming.

Thanks to Mr. Snyder for sending the link and expressing surprise that is wasn’t up yet (I’ve been busy this morning with the real job).

The hotel, on paper, does not sound like a bad idea.

The city is getting a $35 million eight-story Marriott convention hotel and


  1. gatormathis says:

    Hey, hotel……smotel……..

    How about see if ya’ll can get some paving done at the emergency entrance side of the Macon Medical Center.

    Now that’s about a rough ass, bouncy, mixed up place as I ever seen.

    Surely the council is aware of this area lacking of smoothness.

  2. son of awcomeonnow says:

    It’s not a BOONdoggle, it’s a BOND oggle. This is
    just another instance of something that can’t possibly fly on it’s own being built because someone has to make bidness for one of their buddies that makes fees ( or percentages of what’s
    financed) off the bonds.
    If this is something new to your area, I suggest
    you come up the road to Atlanta. Atlanta city, Fulton, and Dekalb counties have projects of this
    type on a regular basis.
    The bondits are so dug in up here, it’d take a skilled proctologist to pry them loose from our
    alleged respresentatives. Sounds like you’re
    starting to see something similar.

  3. Harry says:

    One of the leading bond attorneys was none other than former mayor of Atlanta Maynard Hartsfield Jackson.

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