1. Mike-El says:

    The thought that any of his time next week is slated for tutoring in how to order at The Varsity without biffing up in front of the cameras and locals just cracks me up.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Mighty kind of Romney to visit The Varsity and make it “FREE”…’cause, otherwise, we other folks gots to pay to get into The Varsity…

  3. liberator says:

    Love them Dawgs,Rings,and Frosted Oranges. Maybe he could stop by the Cheetah or Pink Pony also!

  4. JasonW says:

    Bill, thats not what he was saying. It’s free, as in he didn’t rent out the varsity for a fundraiser. I’m sure the EVENT is free, but you still have to pay for the food.

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